Governor General David Hurley apologizes for appearing in video praising renovations to his private home

The Governor General has apologized for appearing in a video promoting the services of a builder in Canberra, admitting he “made a mistake”.

David Hurley and wife Linda appeared in a social media video encouraging the work of builder Brendan Howe, who completed a luxurious renovation of the couple’s private home in Canberra.

“We have been working with Brendan for about 18 months now and we have been very happy with the result and the final product and the whole time we have had a very positive and constructive relationship. Brendan has always been very professional,” Mr. Hurley said in the video, posted on Instagram in December 2020.

The video, which has since been removed, identified the project as “Extension for the Governor General, David and Linda Hurley”.

It was accompanied by a thank you note from the construction company.

“It was truly a great honor and privilege to build and extend the Governor General’s private ACT residence,” the report read.

In a statement, General Hurley said he was unaware the video would be made public.

“I made a mistake on a whim of agreeing to express my appreciation for the builder in a video and photos,” he said.

“My apologies for my mistake.”

General Hurley is entitled to two luxury tax residences, one in Sydney and one in Canberra.

He also earns a salary of approximately $425,000 per year.

A social media post with a photo of david and linda hurley
An architect from Canberra posted on Facebook the success they had with David and Linda Hurley’s renovations. facebook

An architectural firm also posted the photo of the Hurleys in a post saying the renovation cost more than $1 million and won an award.

General Hurley insisted he received “no benefit of any kind” for his appearance in the video.

“My words were not intended to be used in direct commercial advertising and my nomination should not be referenced,” he said.

“Nevertheless, I should have checked that my guidelines were followed correctly. I have asked the builder to remove all material related to my comments.”

General Hurley sparked controversy earlier this year after it was revealed he personally lobbied then Prime Minister Scott Morrison over a leadership program that was later allocated more than $18 million in federal funding.

In the opposition, Labor questioned the integrity of the deal.

Labor MP Julian Hill said General Hurley had done the right thing by saying sorry.

“It is good that the Governor General has apologized, but the incident should not have happened,” he said.

†[It’s] clearly a misjudgment, but it’s not a pending violation. He is a decent man of integrity [and it] will not happen again.”

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