[Great Deal] HP x2 11″ Chromebook $400 off at JB Hi-Fi

Earlier in the year, when Alex reviewed the HP x2 11-inch Chromebook, he was impressed to say the least. The battery life, connectivity and improvements to ChromeOS have made it an excellent experience.

If you’re looking for a premium Chromebook that will last all day, keep you connected with 4G LTE on the go, and have an impeccable user experience and performance, I’d definitely recommend the HP x2 11 Chromebook.

At JB Hi-Fi, the HP x2 11-inch Chromebook has been reduced to $599.00, a $400.00 discount from its current MSRP. That’s a significant saving over what would easily still be considered a premium experience. Not only that, you have a physical keyboard included at a lower price than many of the top-end tablets.