Greens dump new convenor Linda Gale for ‘transphobic’ opinions’

Gale’s paper was written in response to a paper by other Greens members entitled “Trans Exclusionary Rhetoric”.

In it, Gale argued that banning intra-party statements such as “there are two genders,” “trans women are not the same as biological women,” and “the science is inconclusive” violated a Greens ethos that encourages robust debate. .

After she was elected convenor on June 11, with 54 percent of the vote, the newspaper formed the basis of a fierce online campaign against Gale. It prompted Greens senator Janet Rice on Wednesday to declare that unless Gale distanced himself from it, her position was “untenable”.

On Friday, local Greens MP Tim Read said Gale’s position was untenable.

“Her past statements and reluctance to acknowledge the pain they cause have associated Linda so strongly with opposition to trans rights that nothing she says now can change that,” he wrote on Facebook.

“The Greens and I fully support the rights of trans and gender diverse people – transphobia and discrimination have no place in our movement.”

He said Gale had given her heart and soul to the party for years and that her work had been valuable, but now she had no choice but to resign.

Gale, a senior industrial officer with the National Tertiary Education Union, was supported by Melbourne councilor and Greens member Rohan Leppert, who on Thursday published a defense of the validity of the election and Gale’s choice.

Greens councilor Rohan Leppert wrote this week in defense of Gale and the party's democratic electoral process.

Greens councilor Rohan Leppert wrote this week in defense of Gale and the party’s democratic electoral process.