Haaland was shocked by his height

Sharjah: Dhamia Falehu
The transfer of Norwegian star Erling Haaland, 21, from Borussia Dortmund to England champions Manchester City for £51 million was not a shock to the transfer market; Because City had long expressed a desire to take him on, and his father Alef had previously played in a City shirt for two years in his England career, but everyone, including the striker himself, was shocked by his increase in height when he undergoes a medical inspection.
City’s medical staff recorded the player’s height at 1.9 metres, which shocked the attacker, who thought he was shorter, then said: “Oh, wow. I’ve grown about an inch.
Manchester City gave his fans the chance to photograph the striker as he underwent a medical examination at the Ramon Cugat Medical Center in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and how he met his colleagues, Aymeric Laporte and Robin Diaz, and the two defenders were quick to congratulate him on the deal which will see the striker get £375,000 a week and a five-year contract.
The camera followed Haaland as he boarded the private plane that took him to the British city of Manchester to pass fitness tests at the Union Medical Complex, before meeting some of the English club staff in the offices and kitchen before The Brazilian captain Fernandinho, who was preparing to leave City, was accompanied by his son.