Hand juniors are ready for “Asian Bahrain”

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Qassim Ashour, the coach of the national youth handball team, confirmed the willingness of his players to prepare to participate in the tenth Asian Handball Championship, which will be organized by sister Bahrain from 20 to 31 August and qualify for the “Croatia” World Cup 2023″, indicating that everything is in order. It is proceeding according to the plan drawn up by the coaching staff in early August in all its internal preparatory stages and the external camp, in order for the team to reach the highest level. It included Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq and Kuwait especially that many of its players are from the cubs along with some juniors.

And the junior team coach indicated that the preparation stations for the team, which started in a camp at Dibba Al-Hisn Club last May and continued training at the end of the past few weeks, including stopping at the end of the year exams, to return again to the land of Salah Al-Din Sports Hall and Maliha Club, with the main goal of continuing to increase fitness rates Physical activity with a focus on the process of improving the skills side and consolidating the process of harmony among the ranks of the team, which contained the first list of 20 players of the most prominent players of this age group in many state clubs.

On the other hand, the junior national handball team will resume training today, Monday, in the Maliha club hall, after taking a rest yesterday, Sunday, and the training that began on June 19 at the second station will come and the Asian Handball Confederation had approved the proposal of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The host of the tournament has postponed the creation of its leagues from the previous date from August 17 to August 23 for the new date.