Harber Leather Desk Mat review: A comfy, desirable Mac accessory

Harber’s Leather Desk Mat is a Mac desk accessory that’s so good you’d think about replacing the desk before letting go.

There are obvious reasons why you could buy a mouse pad, and you can get one from Harber’s new leather range in a variety of colors. Just as a small leather mat makes using your mouse more precise, the company’s larger desk mats do, too.

Strictly speaking, you only need the bit to the left or right of your keyboard, depending on which hand you use your mouse with. And strictly speaking, you don’t need one of these if you have a trackpad.

But there is a need, and then there is a need.

The Harber leather desk mat is a joy to use. The way your palms feel against it as you type, the subconscious way you keep adjusting your trackpad, iPhone and accessories so they lay neatly on top of it, it’s all a treat.

Design – options and materials

AppleInsider tested an 80 cm by 32 cm (31.49 in. by 12.59 in) leather desk mat in navy blue, with felt padding. There is a smaller version measuring 50 cm by 30 cm (19.68 in. by 11.81 in.) and a larger version measuring 80 cm by 45 cm (31.49 in. by 17.71 in.)

The desk mat is also available in brown or black, and while the standard versions use felt padding, there is also a microfiber option.

The quick way to check which one is right for you is to measure your desk and go directly for the largest size you can fit. There is no wasted space because at the very least you will find yourself petting him.

This is starting to become a case of too much information. Let’s talk about the practicalities then.

This mat is made of leather, so it will wear out over time, but the patina makes it unique and will look good in the long run. In the short term, however, you will continue to see your fingerprints on it, and stroking turns into rubbing.

Plus, if you eat at your desk, you wipe this thing every hour — but it does wipe, and you really enjoy rubbing it with your hand.

Harber's mat has a recess.  to keep wired keyboards tidy

Design – in use

There is a small cut-out area on the back, about the size of a medium-sized plaster. Using a wired keyboard, you can route the cable through that recess as a way to anchor the cord.

If you have a wireless keyboard instead, you won’t even notice the cutout. It’s subtle enough that the first time you run a Lightning cable through it, you feel like you have to pluck at the leather to make room.

the mat that AppleInsider All leather has been tested, and it is made in the same handmade way as Harber’s iPad cases. However, the underside of the mat is made of microfibre.

Depending on your type of desk, this is the only downside of the desk mat. The microfiber base allows the desk mat to slip on some surfaces.

In practice, it’s not much of a problem if you have a keyboard, trackpad and maybe your iPhone on the mat. And it certainly isn’t if you have a MacBook Pro on top of it.

Still, it would be nice to have a way to attach it to the desk a little more while you can pick it up and wipe it down.

Should you buy?

The Harber desk mat is not a must-buy. That much is certain. It’s harder to be sure whether or not you should buy it, because you can get similar practical benefits by buying a mouse pad or being a little tidier.

If the question is whether you want to buy it or not, it becomes easy because it is a resounding yes. Measure that desk of yours and pick the largest that fits.

The three available colors

The three available colors

  • Wear-resistant, handmade leather mat
  • Feels good
  • looks excellent
  • Also works as a mouse pad
  • Must be wiped away
  • Depending on your desk, it can be a little slippery

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Where to buy

The 80cm by 32cm (31.49in by 12.59in) Leather Desk Mat in Navy Blue, with felt padding as reviewed, costs $149 direct from the maker.

Smaller editions are available for $124, and a larger 80 cm by 45 cm (31.49 in by 17.71 in) will cost $187.

AppleInsider however, readers can get 15% off all of these prices at checkout using the discount code DESKMAT22.