HBO Max destroys European originals

The slash-and-burn efforts of Warner Bros. Discovery to save $3 billion after the merger of the two giants has now set its sights on part of HBO’s European programming arm.

The media conglomerate will reportedly stop producing originals for HBO Max in Scandinavia (Scandinavia), Central Europe, the Netherlands and Turkey. In addition, it will remove some content from its platform to release licensing agreements elsewhere.

In a statement shared with Variety, a Warner Bros. spokesperson said. Discovery that they provide local content for Warner Bros. linear networks. Discovery in these regions will continue to use “significant purchasers of local third-party content for use on our streaming services.”

Original development will be halted immediately, programs already in production will continue, and some green lights that have not yet been announced will also continue, but may be sold to other platforms.

Some of the streaming service’s most acclaimed international shows to date come from Scandinavia. Spain and France will reportedly not be affected.