“Historic” Anas Jaber.. Arabs’ hope hangs in the dream of gold

After beating Czech Maria Bozkova, 66th in the WTA ranking, the “Minister of Happiness”, as she is called in Tunisia, became the first Arab player to reach the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament, and the second African player to achieve the same feat after South African Amanda Coetzer at Wimbledon in 1997, and continued her winning streak on grass, achieving her tenth straight win this year.

Jaber won the match after trailing a set of nil against Bozkova (6-3), but returned in the second and third sets with strength (6-1) and (6-1) to end the match in two sets. decide one.

historical confrontation

On Thursday, Anas Jaber, who made an inspiring career on the yellow ball, will meet German player Tatiana Maria, ranked 103 in the world, in the semifinals of the tournament, hoping to reach the final and claim her third title this year. win , after the sessions in Madrid in May and Berlin last June.

Anas Jaber, who rose to second in the world last June as the best ranking for an Arab and African tennis player in history, said in her advisory that she is proud to reach the semi-finals for the first time. She is more than ever looking forward to winning her first titles in the “Grand Slam”, despite the difficulty of the expected confrontation that will bring her together with her friend Tatiana Maria, she said.

“It will be difficult for me to play against my friend Tatiana Maria. I love her very much and her family is really great. She is a very good friend to me. I am happy for her because she is earlier in the round .” the 28-year-old Tunisian said in statements to the media after winning the quarter-finals. The final, one of the examples I hope all players look forward to, because she really struggled to play and win the Grand Slams. †

The Tunisian star added: “The match will not be easy at all, but I aim to win and I will work hard for that, a new and important achievement in my career.”

Anas Jaber had previously met Tatiana Maria three times, winning twice, in 2014 and 2018, while losing in one showdown in 2017.

Tunisian trance

Anas Jaber’s victory and reaching the semi-finals was the most prominent event in the media and in the sports arena in Tunisia, where Tunisians rejoiced in what they considered an “exceptionally remarkable march” in a country that lives from the impact of the political, social and economic crises of recent years.

The Tunisian player’s career received a lot of interaction on the communication platforms and a lot of praise in the sports newspapers, as her photos topped the front pages of the most prominent local media.

And the daily newspaper “Al-Shorouk” said in a report entitled: “Qualifying to the Wimbledon semifinals: a historic achievement for Anas Jaber”, that the Tunisian star “has once again managed to create happiness in the hearts of Tunisians and made history by qualifying for the Wimbledon Open semi-finals, which delivered a stunning performance in under an hour.” And 47 minutes to win the bet and honor the Arabs and Africans.”

The daily newspaper “Al-Sabah” paid a lot of attention to “a wondrous journey and a historic qualification for the Arab tennis icon”.

And the newspaper wrote: “The year 2022 seems miraculous for Anas Jaber, who continued her strong performances and wrote a new chapter of brilliance and success, waiting to continue the dream and qualify for the final after meeting the German Tatiana Maria.”

The Tunisian Ministry of Sport congratulated Anas Jaber on reaching the Wimbledon semi-final as what the Minister of Happiness has achieved is an inspiring experience for all young people in Tunisia.

Anas Jaber has so far had 3 titles in her professional career, the first being in 2021 in the Birmingham Championship, before crowning this year in the championships of Berlin and Madrid, while reaching the day round of the Rome Open.

Jaber’s experience with tennis is truly inspiring, as her love story for the yellow game began when she was four years old, when she accompanied her mother, Samira Al-Hashfi, an amateur tennis player, to the training ground.

The girl carried out the mission of the University of Balls, before her passion for the game grew, and at the age of nine she began to refine her talent at the tennis club in Hammam Sousse (center), then steadily made her way after reaching aged 13, where her best performance was in the 2011 French “Roland Garros” young women’s tournament, when she was only 16 years old.

In 2012, the star took part in the first tournaments of her professional career, taking part in the Qatar Open.

In 2017, Anas Jaber entered the list of the top 100 professional tennis players in the world, but she rocketed up the international rankings to become the second best player in the world in June this year.