Holey Moley at Eastland | TILL: HOT OR NOT

By turning your average mini golf course into a multi-sensory experience, Holey Moley Eastland not only keeps the fun going, but actually takes it to the next level by kicking the ‘putt’ of your average mini golf course.

Like its other locations, Eastland Holey Moley offers unique and exciting courses for those looking forward to playing a round of mini golf as a couple or as a group.

Holey Moley Eastland

The mini golf that Eastland has to offer is the perfect weekend adventure for families as it offers two different nine-hole courses to choose from, giving you 18 uniquely themed holes to ‘set’ your gear around.

The courses at Holey Moley Ringwood in Eastland Shopping Center are creative, unique courses and each hole is designed to give a nostalgic 80’s and 90’s vibe and is inspired by everything from your everyday life to the fun of your favorites from the childhood.

Some of the fun pop culture references you can find at Holey Moley Eastland include The Simpsons, ET, Monopoly, and more.

And when you’re done conquering all 18 holes at Holey Moley, make sure the fun doesn’t stop there! Add a stop at Strike – a fun bowling alley that also offers other activities such as karaoke and escape rooms.

Holey Moley Eastland Food and Drink

Feeling hungry? Holey Moley Eastland has teamed up with their friends at Rando Sandos to offer all diners plenty of mouthwatering old-school sandwiches made from sustainably sourced ingredients from local Australian producers.

If you want a drink, head to Holey Moley Eastland’s full-service bar called ‘The Caddyshack’ for drinks or cocktails and tunes.

Holey Moley Eastland

Holey Moley Eastland offers a lot of new fun for families in Melbourne and is a great location to create new memories that families can cherish forever. Please note, however, that children under 18 are not allowed in the Eastland location after 9pm on Sunday – Thursday and after 8pm on Friday – Saturday.

In addition, while unaccompanied minors and under the age of 18 are allowed, pre-teens and younger children entering the golf course must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.