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Corporate wellness programs in India are increasing at a rapid pace. Because the employee wellness program is all the rage during pregnancy, companies are not only leveraging their employees’ energy and efficiency reserves, but also providing a secure base for women to return to the workplace. We bring you such great strategies to improvise your corporate wellness program that is holistically built to support and fulfill the health needs of your employees during pregnancy.

The importance of a corporate wellness program

Wellness is commonly referred to as emotional, physical and mental well-being. The corporate wellness program is a meticulous planning of each employee’s health calendar, bringing them closer to an approach that ticks every item on the health bucket list. Well-being at work or at work has a greater effect on employee health and improves overall health outcomes. To unlock the benefits of a wellness program for companies, companies need to be in close contact with the healthcare system and focus on the things a healthcare provider does for his/her patient.

Corporate Wellness Program: Why It Matters

Health is a very important factor that improves productivity at work. Even if you follow strategies or exceptional productivity hacks, if you are not physically and mentally fit, your work will take a beating. To drive positive change, companies take a strategic vision and come as a tool to improve job performance by offering wellness programs. For pregnant women, the corporate wellness program is designed to include physical, emotional, mental and postpartum. Some benefits of the corporate wellness program include:

  • Have an employee work on health and fitness
  • Forces employee to have fitness goals
  • It lowers healthcare costs
  • Improves focus, productive and active engagement
  • Increases employee morale and improves retention
  • Strengthens corporate culture
  • Motivates an employee to achieve set goals
  • Increases employee engagement at work
  • Builds the brand identity of the company

Why choose Preggerz corporate wellness program during pregnancy?

Preggerz’s corporate wellness program offers a comprehensive range of maternity care and women’s health programs. The programs are focused on providing the right care and support during your pregnancy journey and at the time of postpartum, enveloping your well-being in the approach. It helps you achieve your company’s goals by first engaging with you to understand your health needs, evaluating solutions to meet the challenge and providing you with an optimal solution so you can focus on your health and welfare. In addition, this corporate wellness program with a specialized approach to postpartum care helps women get back on their feet so they can go back to work faster and happier. This one corporate wellness program for pregnant women guides you through the process of birth planning, maternity care and supports social well-being. Along with the aforementioned services, you can align your work and life.

Highlights of the Preggerz corporate wellness program

    • Preventive Healthcare Solutions – This module focuses on screening and detecting health problems in order to take the right measures. Preggerz offers timely screenings, check-ups, vaccinations and targeted testing as a step towards preventive health care. It provides education on all the tests involved during pregnancy, prenatal care and beyond.
    • buddy schedule – A dedicated buddy is provided who will be your mind to get around your health problems. She/he will be your single point of contact who will address and clarify all your questions related to proactive prenatal and maternity care.
    • community service – A real-time online live community forum is provided to talk about your challenges during pregnancy to pour out your conflicts, your meltdowns and seek answers in the village of well-meaning informed women
    • Efficient experts – The panel of experts in the program come together to deliver promising results in their own fields. Nutritionists, mental health experts, yoga experts, and other professionals who bring their own expertise in managing your health are a strong feature of this program.
  • Holistic wellness – Holistic wellness centers around courses that teach you the right lifestyle to adopt during your healthcare journey. This lifestyle aims to keep you mentally fit and physically healthy. Women who return to work early can benefit greatly as it provides sound advice on emotional well-being, leading to better performance and productivity.
  • maternity care Preggerz Postpartum care services in a corporate wellness program include post-pregnancy posture exercises, a personalized sustainable diet plan, breastfeeding education and tips with expert- vetted resources, weight management sessions, and postnatal anxiety and depression-reducing mechanisms.

Will Preggerz’s corporate wellness program connect me with safe mother and baby care products and services?

Absolute. You will benefit greatly by enrolling in this corporate wellness program during your pregnancy. Definitely a boon as it notifies you and connects you to ultra-superior and most innovative products and services. Provides you with the right information about safe and gentle care for postpartum products and lets you interact with a network of experts in pregnancy and postpartum care.


Wellness program for employees has become a catalyst in motivating every employee to take their health seriously, work without endangering their health and set realistic health goals.

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