How sick Ghislaine Maxwell claims SHE is victim of paedo Jeffrey Epstein after brutal bully made her ‘vulnerable’

FROM her decrepit New York prison cell, convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell still plays the victim.

The daughter of disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell will hear next week exactly how many more years she will be behind bars for her despicable acts.

Ghislaine Maxwell plays the victim from prison prior to her sentencing


Ghislaine Maxwell plays the victim from prison prior to her sentencingCredit: Getty
Maxwell could face 30-55 years in prison after sex trafficking conviction


Maxwell could face 30-55 years in prison after sex trafficking convictionCredit: Rex

But Jeffrey Epstein’s deranged fixer is doing everything he can to make sure her sentence is nothing like the 30 to 55-year-old federal prosecutors who asked a judge Wednesday to impose the “shockingly predatory” Maxwell.

As the clock ticks closer to Tuesday’s sentencing, her lawyers beg for clemency.

They claim the 60-year-old is a vulnerable woman whose difficult childhood led to her being exploited by billionaire financier Epstein, who committed suicide before he could face justice.

They went to great lengths to portray her as a victim and begged the judge not to punish her as a “proxy for Epstein”.

“Mrs. Maxwell cannot and should not bear all the punishment for which Epstein should have been held responsible,” her legal team insisted, adding that she should serve only four years and three months.

Cellmate Ghislaine Maxwell 'offers money to strangle her'
Ghislaine 'asking to serve UK human trafficking sentence to be close to family'

Her team also claims she is being held in “humiliating” conditions at the harsh Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York.

They claim that the one-time jetsetter with homes around the world was constantly searched and her genitals were touched, the lights in her cell were on day and night, her food was “rancid” and the water in her cell was undrinkable.

Wanted to succeed

Lawyers added that “many inmates would not hesitate to kill Maxwell, be it for money, fame or ‘street cred’”.

They said an inmate had threatened to kill her and said an additional 20 years in prison “would be worth the money she got for Maxwell’s murder”.

But perhaps the most glaring claims involve her father.

Maxwell now blames her childhood and father Robert for her behavior


Maxwell now blames her childhood and father Robert for her behaviorCredit: Getty

Long after he was exposed as a worthless crook, daddy’s girl Ghislaine refused to tarnish his memory.

Nearly a decade after it was revealed that he had looted millions from a pension fund, the society’s one-time beauty described her father as “inspiring.”

Now, in their blistering “conviction memorandum,” her lawyers have characterized her childhood as one of neglect and abuse by her “narcissistic” father.

They say her brutal treatment by the media mogul left her traumatized and prone to manipulation by pedophile Epstein.

It was alleged in court that Maxwell had shown no remorse for her victims. But instead, her lawyers tried to soften it with claims about childhood anorexia and that Ghislaine is an IRA target.

They created a story of a childhood plagued by emotional bullying, interspersed with savage beatings.

The document says her father beat her with a hammer when she was 13 after she “glued a poster of a pony to the freshly painted wall of her bedroom”.

Her lawyers explained, “This infuriated her father, who grabbed the hammer and hit Ghislaine’s dominant hand, leaving it badly bruised.”

Her lawyers quoted a letter from her older siblings, Anne Halve and Philip Maxwell.

They said, “The effect of our father’s psychologically violent treatment of her foreshadowed Epstein’s ability to exploit, manipulate, and control her.”

They said her relationship with Epstein was “the biggest mistake of her life”.

Epstein hanged himself in 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking.

Last year, Maxwell was convicted on five counts, the most serious being the sex trafficking of a minor.

During her trial, jurors heard two women testify that they were 14 when Maxwell coaxed them into sexual acts with Epstein.

One of them told the court that Maxwell took part in some of the encounters.

As prosecutors put it this week: “As part of a disturbing agreement with Epstein, Maxwell identified, nursed and abused multiple victims while enjoying a life of extraordinary luxury and privilege.

Maxwell left her victims lasting scars with emotional and psychological injuries. That damage can never be undone.”

The disheveled figure sentenced next week will bear little resemblance to the beauty whose eyes sparkled as she accompanied her father on a 1980s social whirl.

There was no doubt that charming Ghislaine was the favorite among his nine children. Maxwell’s wife Betty said she was “being spoiled. The only one of my kids I can really say that about.”

Born Jan Hoch in abject poverty in the former Czechoslovakia, Robert Maxwell was a refugee turned war hero and Labor MP and media mogul.

The owner of Mirror Group Newspapers and the New York Daily News, and the Derby County and Oxford United football clubs, donated a lot of money to private jets, helicopters and Rolls-Royces.

Former mirror photographer Ken Lennox recalls Maxwell and his daughter attending showbiz parties and football games together.

He said: “She was always there, clinging to him. She called him ‘my daddy’ all the time.”

An extraordinary recent revelation is that father and daughter were overheard during a telephone conversion into a series of meows.

Former Mirror Group secretary Carol Bragoli told Ghislaine meowing through the loudspeaker for several minutes.

Gold plated luxury

Carol revealed in BBC documentary House Of Maxwell: “One day the front desk called and said ‘It’s Ghislaine’ and he (her father) says ‘Put her on’ and the next thing I heard was ‘Meow’, and he went ‘Meow, meow’ and she went ‘Meow’.

“This went on for about ten meows and he suddenly said, ‘What are you doing?’ and she said ‘Nothing’ and I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s right’.”

Their mansion, Headington Hill Hall in Oxford, housed servants, limousines, and gilded luxuries.

But according to a court report, life there had a traumatic edge.

Shortly after her birth, on Christmas Day 1961, her oldest brother, Michael, was left in a coma from which, at age 21, he would never recover after a car accident.

Heartbroken mother Betty made a long journey through India and Australia a year later, “leaving Ghislaine and her pre-boarding siblings at home in the care of a nanny”.

Her legal team said, “Ghislaine barely got a look and became anorexic while still a toddler.”

Maxwell’s lawyers also allege that she was a target for IRA terrorists in the late 1960s.

They said: “When Ms Maxwell was just a child and her father a Member of Parliament, British authorities found a hit list of targets in a safehouse used by the Irish Republican Army.”

Her legal team added, “Mrs. Maxwell’s name was first on the list.”

They also shared how Maxwell even interfered with his daughter’s love life.

The memorandum added: “She started her first romance, but the relationship was broken due to her father’s disapproval of her engagement.”

In November 1991, Robert Maxwell disappeared from his luxury yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, named after his daughter, off the Canary Islands.

His body was later found floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

Only among her siblings did Ghislaine remain convinced that he had been murdered.

Even after he was exposed as one of the biggest criminals of the century – he had stolen £426 million from the Mirror pension fund – she stood by him.

A year later she said, “He wasn’t a crook. A thief to me is someone who steals money. Do I think my father did? No.”

Robert Maxwell biographer Martin Dillon said: “The man was a monster in many ways. Ghislaine was his favourite. Many girls love their father, even if they are villains. And he was a villain.”

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And now it’s Ghislaine Maxwell who is the villain – someone whose attempts to play the victim card will no doubt be troubling to those who were abused by Epstein.

On Tuesday she will learn her fate, with the dark shadow of her monstrous father looming over her.

Maxwell is pictured with an inexplicable black eye as she complains about her jail time


Maxwell is pictured with an inexplicable black eye as she complains about her jail timeCredit: Reuters
Maxwell was pictured with Prince Andrew and his accuser Virginia Giuffre


Maxwell was pictured with Prince Andrew and his accuser Virginia GiuffreCredit: PA
Ghislaine is pictured on her mother's knee in a 1960s family portrait


Ghislaine is pictured on her mother’s knee in a 1960s family portraitCredit: Rex
Maxwell is incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York


Maxwell is incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New YorkCredit: Reuters