How the EU’s new big tech antitrust laws will affect Apple

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The Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act focused on Big Tech are coming soon to the European Union. Here’s how they’ll impact Apple and other Silicon Valley tech giants.

Earlier in July, the European Parliament agreed on two new sweeping legislative packages – the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act – that would introduce a slew of antitrust rules in the EU. The regulations are tailored to curb the power of tech giants like Apple, Google, Meta and Amazon.

While it’s not exactly clear how tech companies will comply with the regulations, they do outline some strict behaviors and penalties for non-compliance.

Digital Markets Act

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is a proposal intended to impose additional restrictions and establish new frameworks for “gatekeepers” of digital services.

While the DMA doesn’t explicitly name Apple or any other tech giant, they will fall into the category of “gatekeepers” because of their ownership and operation of high-user platforms, their annual revenue in the European Union, and their “anchored and sustainable position.” The DMA will outline new obligations for “gatekeepers” as well as penalties if they fail to comply with the new regulations.

For example, some provisions of the DMA will force Apple to: