How to make Drang (Baroque) fast in Destiny 2


The Drang (Baroque) is one of the reworked weapons introduced in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted, along with the Solar 3.0 rework. It’s not exactly a new weapon as it’s been in the game for a while.

However, it needed a nice little tweak and it’s lived up to community expectations ever since.

While Guardians can get their hands on this weapon the easiest in Destiny 2 is by looting lavish chests using luscious keys, but the Drang (Baroque) can also be crafted.

Making Urge (Baroque) in Destiny 2

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To make the Drang (Baroque), Guardians must complete five Deepsight Resonance extractions for this weapon. This will unlock the cartridge for this weapon. Once the cartridge is unlocked, Guardians can go to the Enclave on Mars and craft this weapon using the Relic Conduit in Destiny 2.

However, Deepsight Resonance extractions can only be performed on resonance weapons. These are identified by the telltale red border around their inventory icon.

To easily get a Deepsight Resonant Drang (Baroque), Guardians must unlock two specific perks with the Seasonal Seller Crown of Sorrow:

  • Lush Weapon Focus: Unlocking this perk allows them to target an Umbral Engram on luscious weapons. However, Guardians must unlock each luscious weapon before they can focus Umbral Engrams on it.
  • Deep Focus: The first luscious weapon the Guardians will be targeting each week will have Deepsight Resonance.

While these two perks make it easy to acquire a Deepsight Resonant Drang (Baroque) in Destiny 2, unlocking these perks can be time consuming for some Guardians.

That said, once they’ve managed to get hold of these perks and get their steady supply of the Drang (Baroque) ready, all users need to do is start with agricultural kills.

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The best thing about Deepsight Resonance extractions is that Guardians don’t need to pick up a specific type of kills to perform the extraction. Any kind of murder would do.

The easiest way to complete the Deepsight Resonance extraction is to go to a lost sector and kill all enemies that spawn there using the Drang (Baroque). Additionally, this firearm usually rolls with the Light Bulb perk, making it easier to score kills with this weapon.

Usually a single Destiny 2 Lost Sector run is enough to complete one Deepsight Resonance extraction. But sometimes Guardians may need to complete the lost sector twice to get the number of kills needed to complete it.

Guardians can unlock the Drang (Baroque) pattern by completing five Deepsight Resonance extractions for this weapon, as mentioned previously. Once unlocked, they can craft the gun with whatever perks they desire.

While in-game crafting mechanics may have removed the RNG factor when it comes to godrolls for editable weapons, some of these weapons are hard to find, leaving much of the weapon acquisition process on the RNG.

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