How to Use Live Text on a Video in iOS 16

Live Text came with the introduction of iOS 15, revolutionizing the way iPhone users could copy, select, and take other actions from text in a photo. Now with iOS 16, the feature has also made its way to videos, making your iPhone that little bit more useful.

Whether you’re trying to shoot a quick video of a billboard with a phone number you might need, or happen to notice an important message in the background of an existing video, here’s a step-by-step guide to using Live Text via Movie.

1. Take the video.

Open your Camera app and slide to the video function. Make a video with some text in it.

2. Open the video and continue playing or scrolling to a point where the text is clearly visible.

Screenshot of video from a public map

Now you can scrape information from a shaky video.
Credit: Apple

You can only use Live Text in a video when you’re playing it, not while you’re still actively capturing the video in the Camera app. The video must also be paused before proceeding to the next step.


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3. Press and hold the desired text until a blue mark appears.

Screenshot of a public map with some of the text highlighted

This feature can even pick up blurry text like this.
Credit: Apple

Just like text selection works normally in apps like Messages or Notes, you can adjust the amount of text selected by moving the light blue bars on either side of the highlighted area.

4. Now choose what you want to do with the selected text.

Screenshot of mapped with highlighted text and options you can do with the highlighted text

From here it’s like using any other highlighted text.
Credit: Apple

From there you can do whatever you want with your Live Text – you can copy, select all, look up, translate, search the web or share.


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