‘I Do Love Him – Fuck Everyone’: Journalist Who Left Job And Marriage For Pharma Brother Martin Shkreli STILL Defends Him After Being Dumped!

What. The. ef.

You still remember Martin Shkrelic† The hedge funder who bought the rights to a necessary AIDS drug and raised the price by more than 5,000%?? The so-called “Pharma Bro” lingered for a few years as one of society’s most objectively horrible people, eventually being convicted in 2017 of fraud unrelated to that initial price hike. Shocking that someone praising life-saving drugs for vulnerable people would ALSO be breaking the law, right?

Anyway, a few years ago he made headlines AGAIN when a… Bloomberg journalist who wrote his story fell IN LOVE with him and confirmed in December 2020 that she had left her marriage and her job to date the federal inmate. than him dumped her shortly afterwards when she gave an interview to Elle about the. And then she gave interviews about That

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That should have been the end of Christie SmytheaIt’s 15 minutes of fame, right?

Well, for some reason she has kept talk about it. She is slowly self-publishing a memoir about the relationship, short-lived though it was, on share pile† It is called GRIN† And over the weekend, she gave another high-profile interview about the relationship. spill to the Sunday Times about the unusual situation, she admitted:

“I don’t think I was attracted to him at first. Maybe. It was more of a curiosity. I didn’t think of him as a romantic subject.”

No, she was a perfect professional. But its pure animal magnetism did eventually cause her to leave her financier husband and give up her journalistic integrity to date him. She recalled:

“I felt really frustrated because I had to bottle everything up. I was like, ‘Everyone is so worried about what? That I will fall in love with him?’ After that thought hit me, I was like, ‘You know what, maybe I love him – fuck everyone.’”

Yes! Dating out of spite, always a great philosophy! Don’t let anyone tell YOU not to date a horrible vulture who makes money exploiting the vulnerabilities of sick people! Believe in yourself! You can do anything! LOL!

Naturally, she chose to see the good in Shkreli and said he took her writing career seriously, something that was “very flattering.” She says that although she wasn’t allowed to have sex with him – he was in prison their entire relationship, of course – they had great conversations about “books, science, pharmaceuticals, crypto, family, hopes and dreams.”

It strikes me that “crypto” comes before “family” and “hopes and dreams”. shock absorber. She told the newspaper:

“We never had anything to say. We always made each other laugh.”

When the pandemic hit, things really went wrong — and she couldn’t visit him anymore. She made appropriate with telling Elle about the relationship – and getting dumped as a direct result. One man’s cartoonish little villain actually broke up with her over his comment on the magazine in their profile, saying through a rep:

“Mr. Shkreli wishes Ms. Smythe the best of luck in her future.”

Efficient wild.

Despite that she remained – and stays – defend him!

As late as Monday afternoon, she took to social media to criticize the relationship and her latest interview – which she gave despite the fact that she now has a new boyfriend. Yes, she has moved on and yet… she refuses to go on? We assume she’s in the camp that says no press is bad press? Hey, at least we can understand that part.

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She really goes on like a martyr Twitter however, she says the attacks on her choices show a lack of empathy for inmates and their loved ones. She wrote:

“WHY does she keep telling this crazy story?”

Well, there is one good reason: there are millions of people with loved ones in prison who face stigma, abuse and all kinds of negatives just because they are concerned about someone who has committed a crime. That’s wrong. Point.”

She later added:

“And to add, if you’re trying to say my situation is ‘unique’ and not like everyone else… no, it isn’t. Every story of someone with a loved one in prison is messy and complicated and unique in its own way. These are all individual, compelling HUMAN stories.”

LOLz she literally interviewed him because of what he had done. She went in, eyes open, with the context that this was someone who was wreaking havoc on the world. And she wants to pretend he’s Jean Valjean. Okay, gross. You keep doing you. Good luck with the new relationship.

[Image via CNBC/Fox News/YouTube.]