“I think they are in win-now mode”


The Minnesota Timberwolves have made it clear that they want to compete to take over a title from Rudy Gobert. While Karl-Anthony Towns has been the face of the team, Draymond Green believes Minnesota is building around Anthony Edwards.

Edwards is entering his third season but has shown he can produce at the big moments. The 20-year-old appeared in his first playoff appearance averaging 25.2 points while shooting 40.4% from deep.

On “The Draymond Green Show,” the Golden State Warriors attacker commented on the shocking trade. He believes Minnesota now wants to compete for a championship, and Edwards takes center stage.

“I know Karl-Anthony Towns just signed a $224 million extension, but what this trade is telling me is that Minnesota believes they have a superstar in Anthony Edwards,” said Green.

“The reason it tells me they want to build around Anthony Edwards is because you go out and trade them all in, that means we’re in win now mode, we’re not planning for the future.

“The reason Anthony Edwards is against me is because KAT has been there. And now you’re making these moves, like they didn’t trade the No. 1 pick when they just had the No. 1 pick. They didn’t trade any time before or really afterwards.

“But they’re in win-now mode because I think Minnesota thinks they have a superstar in Anthony Edwards, and by the way, I believe they do.”

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The Wolves have been reported to have called the Brooklyn Nets several times for Kevin Durant, a clear indication that they want to compete for a title. However, they are reportedly unwilling to give up Edwards or Towns.

REPORT: The Brooklyn Nets asked the Minnesota Timberwolves for Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards and 4 draft picks in exchange for Kevin Durant. The Timberwolves refused. (via @chrisbhaynes, @VinceGoodwill)

At the end of next season, Edwards will be eligible for a rookie contract extension.

What’s Minnesota Timberwolves’ ceiling for next season?

Karl-Anthony Towns of the Timberwolves in Minnesota
Karl-Anthony Towns of the Timberwolves in Minnesota

In franchise history, the Timberwolves have made it past the first round in 10 playoffs. Given their blockbuster acquisition, they have a decent chance of going past the first round.

Last season, they faced the Ja Morant-led Memphis Grizzlies in the first round. But after leveling the series 2-2, they collapsed and lost in six games.

While it’s still too early to call, the T’Wolves may need more than Gobert to make a deep run into the playoffs. Competition in the Western Conference is fierce, and while they are likely to make the playoffs, they may not make it past the second round.

Given their history, a second-round appearance is a step in the right direction. Since Edwards, Gobert and Towns are all on long-term contracts, they can grow into a deadly trio.

Nevertheless, things are looking good for the Timberwolves as the acquisition of Gobert is a big boost. They will become a better defensive team with elite rim protection from Gobert.

Edited by Joseph Schiefelbein

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