“If Al-Ahly does not get a defect, he will be said, congratulations.”

The giant is in an unenviable position for the final round of the competition

The burning battle to avoid relegation in the Saudi League is central to the final round of the upcoming competition, and the reason is the presence of Al-Ahly in the group of teams trying to survive.

The giant Al-Jeddawi meets the youth, but his fate is not in his hands and is linked to the results of the rest of the teams, which left him vulnerable to criticism in the local media for his entry in a battle to be relegated from on the ground.

Refused to congratulate if Al-Ahly managed to stay!

The journalist Turki Al-Ajma spoke about the unenviable situation of Al-Ahly in the Koura program on the “Rotana” channel and refused to congratulate the team if it managed to stay.

Al-Ajma said: “If Al-Ahly wins, no one should be congratulated, it is a shame that he is congratulated because he stays.”

And he continued: “It must be said, thank God for security, and there should be a statement of account, it is not possible to be congratulated.”

What are Al-Ahly’s chances of survival?

Al-Ahly must defeat Al-Shabab in the final meeting to preserve his fortune, but fate is not in his hands, and he will have to wait for the sub-competitors, Al-Raed, Al-Taawun and Al-Faisaly to stumble.

Al-Ahly occupies fourteenth position with 31 points, above that is Al-Batin with a score of 32, followed by the trio of Al-Raed, Al-Faisaly and Al-Taawon with 33 points.

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