Ihab Jalal is in a state of grief and we negotiated with him to lead the dervishes.. Video – Sada El Balad Channel

Ismaili club president Yahya El-Koumi revealed the details of the club’s negotiations with Ihab Jalal to lead the dervishes during the current period.

Al-Koumi added, during a telephone interview with the journalist Hani Hathout, in the “Match” program broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, that Ismaili’s board of directors unanimously agreed to transfer Ihab Jalal who is training the dervishes, and we contacted his agent, Ihab Al-Nahhas, who told us the coach wants £10 million for Ismaili training in the season.

He went on to say that the club’s board of directors did not communicate directly with Ihab Jalal, but that all negotiations were with his agent, who confirmed to us the state of sadness that Ihab Jalal was controlling.

And he went on to say that Ihab Jalal asked 5 million pounds before signing the contracts, and the rest of the amount after he guaranteed the Ismaili in the championship, which was rejected by the municipality, and so we renewed confidence in Hamza Al- jamal.
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