‘I’m not a perfect person’- De Goey publicly apologizes for Bali incident, Lions’ flag hopes to read ‘last rites’

Jordan De Goey addressed his actions in Bali last week in a video released by Collingwood, in which the 26-year-old apologizes for his actions and commits to change.

De Goey has been on personal leave since his return to Melbourne and will not play for the Magpies against GWS on Sunday.

He apologized in a written statement earlier this week, but the Magpies released a video Friday afternoon in which De Goey raises the issue.

“Obviously this week has weighed pretty heavily on me and I thought I would wait until I have a clear mind to come out and apologize for my actions and my behavior,” said De Goey.

“I don’t approve of that behavior at all and I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

“I have many important women in my life and I understand that you should show respect to women at all times. I have a responsibility to the wider community and I must continue to work towards that.”

De Goey also expressed regret for any suggestion that his admission to an ADHD diagnosis last year was an excuse for his actions.

“Obviously you’ve probably seen it with the ADHD stuff coming out — first of all, I just want to say that this doesn’t excuse my behavior at all,” he said.

“I just wanted to let people know that I was dealing with some business in the first half of this year and now too. It’s something I’m learning a lot about.

“I’m not a perfect person, I don’t think I ever will be, but hopefully I can make some changes so these mistakes don’t happen again.”

‘Take me back to the first few years’: Fagan laments Lions’ horror show

Brisbane coach Chris Fagan has lamented the horrific defeat of his match against Melbourne on Thursday night, saying the 64-point loss was as bad as his team has performed in years.

At the top of the ladder coming into the game, the Lions were given a serious reality check after quarter time, with the Demons kicking six goals to one in the second term to get the game under control.

After the game, Fagan said the loss “takes me back to the first few years” of his time at the helm, when the still-growing Lions won just 10 out of 44 games in 2017 and 2018.

“I didn’t see it coming,” said the coach.

“It was a promising start… but this match would always depend on who would win the territory battle – so who wins the match – and Melbourne won it without a doubt.

“We should have lost the game a lot more than we did. We’re lucky they didn’t kick straight.

“That’s just as bad as we’ve played in a long, long time. That brings me back to the early years. The last three or four years, our losses haven’t been like this.

“A disappointing night for us, but respect for Melbourne, the way they played. They were singing.”

Thursday night’s roar from the Lions has quickly seen the team’s premiership chances take a nosedive, with former great Jason Dunstall saying a loss of that magnitude “could undermine the group’s faith”.

“The question now is: does Brisbane have the physical and mental toughness to win a flag? And based on that performance, you’d almost go to the chambers and read the last rites, because it just wasn’t there,” Dunstall said. Fox Footy

“When you undergo these tests, when you put in such dismal performance, it undermines the faith of the group.

“They have to go to the ‘G if they want to win in September, right? Well, they went there with a big shot at the top of the table, against a team that lost three at the trot and got a beating.”

Fagan’s attention immediately turns to the Lions’ confrontation with the Western Bulldogs at the Gabba next Thursday night, saying there was plenty of time to make up for the shock.

“It’s not what you usually get from us … outside of the first quarter we weren’t hunting, so it’s terribly disappointing,” he said.

“But it’s not the end of the world. Next week we can play again and we have the chance of redemption.”

Joe Daniher looks downcast.

Joe Daniher looks dejected after Brisbane’s loss to Melbourne. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

‘Jack plays on Jack’s terms’: Saint slammed for selfishness after shock omission

Former player David King has once again taken charge of St Kilda’s goalscoring Jack Higgins after the livewire striker came as a shock to the Saints team to take on Sydney.

Despite scoring 19 goals for the season, the second most with the Saints behind Max King, Higgins has been left out of 22 in what coach Brett Ratten described as an “eight-point game” against the Swans, with the club issued a statement after last week’s upset loss against Essendon.

King, who called for Higgins to be dropped after ignoring a teammate at a pivotal moment in their round 1 loss to Collingwood, has again criticized the former Tiger for selfishness, saying he must improve his defensive pressure to make a regular to guarantee AFL spot.

“Jack, as has been said so many times, plays on Jack’s terms. You can accept it or not; that’s the reality,” King continued Fox Footy

“That often results in goals, but nothing else. No forward pressure and nothing to help the team win on a weekly basis.

“They’ve let this fester and it’s come to a point in lap 15 – it’s deep into the season to correct this.”

Higgins is one of three changes to the Saints’ line-up to beat the Swans, with a defeat likely to leave them outside the top eight if Collingwood beat GWS on Sunday.

Captain Jack Steele is a welcome return from a shoulder injury, but ruckman Paddy Ryder has been managed, while Bradley Hill will also miss for personal reasons.

Jack Higgins of the Saints celebrates kicking a goal over Lachlan Keeffe of the Giant.

Jack Higgins of the Saints celebrates kicking a goal over Lachlan Keeffe of the Giant. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/AFL Photos/Getty Images)

Clubs are bursting with air as AFL ticks off women’s draw amid integrity issues

AFLW teams have had tense discussions with the league, with growing concerns about the integrity of the upcoming design.

According to News CorpVictorian clubs have accused interstate rivals of offering players incentives beyond their salary cap to persuade them to nominate for another state.

According to the AFLW draft rules, all players must designate one state to which they should be drafted, unlike the men’s league where players can be taken anywhere in the country. This is due to the semi-professional nature of the league, with almost all players having second jobs in addition to their AFLW duties.

The talented Victorian couple Montana Ham and Sofia Hurley, who are both expected to be among the top picks in the upcoming draft, have both been nominated for the NSW draw pool, raising concerns about the system being reported.

“A full pitch for conscripts is not something you should do,” an anonymous club insider told the… Herald Sun

“Then it’s not a concept.”

However, the AFL has reportedly approved the current system, as well as Ham and Hurley’s move north, with Ham’s manager this week saying the decision was “a choice of university and lifestyle”.

The AFLW draft 2022 will take place on Wednesday evening.