In pictures: Strymon Next Generation


Strymon is one of the biggest names in pedals and has amassed a fan base who fervently believe in their products. Bringing the best of analog and digital, Strymon produces digitally controlled pedals that offer more routing, presets and configurability than anyone else.

They rose to fame with the success of their BigSky, TimeLine and Mobius pedals, before branching out into more specific sounds with the likes of the Iridum Amp Modeller and Impulse Response Pedal, the Compadre Dual Voice Compressor and Boost, and more recently, the Zelzah multidimensional phaser.

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What makes Strymon unique is not only their pedals with super-powerful DSP processing via digitally controlled chips, but also their attention to detail in recreating more analog sounds. While primarily digital pedals, Strymon continues to provide sounds that can be easily slid into existing more analog pedal chains. They’re a company at the top of the game – so whose fur are you chasing when you’re an industry leader? Your own of course!

Strymon recently unveiled their Next Generation series of pedals, which breathe new life into six classic pedals (and must-have sounds for any guitarist), all housed in more pedal-friendly formats. The Next Generation series includes revised versions of blueSky, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint and Lex Rotary. While the sounds of pedals like the BigSky, Timeline, and Mobius are huge, so is their footprint, and as digital processing grows, the size of their processors shrinks, making them ever smaller.

On all six Next Generation pedals, Strymon now offers TRS MIDI/Expression for expressive control of parameters. This 1⁄4” connector can be used for expression, or using a MIDI interface (such as the Strymon Conduit), you can connect to other MIDI controllers using standard MIDI cables. If you want to get super creative, you can plug it directly into your DAW to take your MIDI integration one step further. Plus, Strymon has taken it to another level, turning some of the control pots used to control effects into usable MIDI encoders so it can all be clocked to a master to ensure optimal digital integration. The Next Generation series also features USB-C which can give and take MIDI information if you want to use the TRS MIDI connector for something else!

The inputs for the Strymon Next Generation pedals have been upgraded to JFET transistors, some of the best on the market for processing Hi-Z signals from your guitar and bass and ensuring converters in the pedal provide an optimal, healthy sound. received signal. The inputs of the pedals now also feature a mono/stereo toggle, which in itself is not new, but the easy access of the switch on the outside is! All these features are enough, but Strymon didn’t stop there. Each of the six pedals individually is new and overhauled!

blue sky

The blueSky is the flagship of Strymon. Sparkling space to short sharp rooms, the blueSky can do it all, but the Next Generation blueSky can do it all and more. Reverbs are one thing, but the addition of a dedicated glittering knob, mod switch, and a new spring reverb algorithm lets you create immersive, modulating, or bouncy sounds, respectively.

Modulation can give reverb a lot of depth, especially when mixed subtly, and massive upgrades in this area are a welcome addition to the blueSky.

strymon next generation