In response to Saint-Germain .. Brazilian Santos wants Neymar back

Brazilian club Santos president Andres Rueda confirmed they are “making moves” to eventually restore Neymar’s services after his continuation at Paris Saint-Germain became questionable.

“Today I have received more than a hundred messages about Neymar,” said Rueda at a meeting of the advisory board of Santos, Sao Paulo’s team, where the number 10 shirt was brought up in the Brazilian national team. “I hope they trust us. more.”

He stated it would be “immature” on his part to “do nothing with Neymar” to restore his services after it was reported in the Spanish press that Paris Saint-Germain had decided on the most expensive deal in football history. to say.

“Measures are being taken, but there are things I can’t talk about, it’s a strategy,” Rueda said, without giving further details on the steps he took to try to get Neymar back.

It is noteworthy that Neymar left the Brazilian club in 2013 to move to Barcelona, ​​where he played several seasons before moving to Paris Saint-Germain in a historic contract.

Santos has been struggling with major economic problems for several seasons, often making it impossible to get the services of the striker, who is among the highest paid footballers in the world.

Although there is speculation about his future, Neymar is currently enjoying his vacation in Brazil, where he posted a photo of himself from a party he hosted at his palace on the coast of Rio de Janeiro.