Independent Kooyong MP Monique Ryan contacts police about ‘threatening’ letters to supporters

Independent Kooyong MP Monique Ryan has told police that threatening letters have been sent to some of her supporters following her election to federal parliament.

dr. Ryan said at least five of the “misogynistic, racist and threatening” letters had landed in the mailbox just before and since last month’s federal election.

“I find it really disappointing that people feel so threatened or so angry about the election results that they feel the need to resort to this kind of behavior,” she told ABC.

In an image of a letter from Dr. Ryan accused the author of helping the recipient pick a “commo for Kooyong” and warned them to “look both ways” as they exited their front door.

A handwritten letter angry about the election results in Kooyong says: "look both ways when you come out your front door"†
One of the letters, signed “neighbor,” warned the recipient to exercise caution when leaving their home.Delivered: Monique Ryan

Images of two other handwritten letters sent by Dr. Ryan were delivered to the ABC showed racist and misogynistic language.

dr. Ryan said most of the letters were sent to residents of her electorate who had put up signs in support of her campaign, including older voters and young people with families.

“It’s disturbing for them to know that someone is attacking them in this way,” she said.

dr. Ryan is one of the “blue” independents who dethroned Liberal MPs from previously safe seats in federal elections, in her case by ousting former treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

She said her team had contacted the Australian Federal Police about the mail.

She said she advised anyone who had received an anonymous threatening letter to contact Victoria Police and give them the letter and any relevant security camera footage, if available.

dr. Ryan said she was “lucky” to talk to anyone who had a problem with the election results.

“I think we can talk about these things respectfully and openly and not in this kind of nasty, threatening” [way],” she said.

Victoria Police have been contacted for comment.

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