Industry gossip says Norah O’Donnell is supposedly clashing with Gayle King in CBS war rumors

Is Norah O’Donnell making enemies at CBS News? A gossip magazine claims that the anchor is constantly clashing behind the scenes with her colleagues. Let’s take a look at the face of CBS Evening News.

Norah O’Donnell’s ‘Nose Still In The Air’?

The latest edition of the National Investigator reports that Norah O’Donnell has undergone a brutal pay cut to remain the anchor of CBS’ primetime news slot, but sources say it hasn’t made her any easier to work with. Apparently, O’Donnell has “collided behind the scenes” with Gayle King and other CBS employees.

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“If you think this whole ordeal humbled Norah, think again,” a snitch says. ‘She’s exactly the same. Her famous Gucci slippers, which she demanded to wait for her when she finished filming, are gone. But that’s really the only change. It’s the same old Norah, but with different shoes. If anything, she’s gotten worse.”

Sources say O’Donnell signed a new deal with CBS, which dropped her salary from a whopping $8 million to just $3.8 million. And while her colleagues know it’s hard to lose that much money, sources say she hasn’t elicited much empathy. “People are outraged that Norah has accepted this deal because it sets a terrible precedent. Norah is upset about losing all that money, but don’t feel sorry for her. She’s still raking in millions while making everyone’s life miserable. Morale is at an all-time low at CBS.”

Norah O’Donnell makes CBS staffers ‘miserable’?

All this talk of pay cuts is completely unsubstantiated. Earlier this month, the New York Post ran a story claiming that O’Donnell had struck a new deal with CBS that included a hefty pay cut. All of its sources remained unnamed and it never provided any documentation to back up its claims. But then CBS issues a statement reprimanding the Post’s story.

“Wrong again. [CBS President Neeraj Khemlani] led efforts over the past year to retain and re-sign a dozen of our biggest anchors and correspondents, including Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King — and recruited a few new ones, such as Nate Burleson and Robert Costa,” a network spokesperson said. “While there are huge primetime openings elsewhere in the news industry, CBS News holds the No. 1 newscast and finished the season with multiple shows, including mornings and evenings, in their most competitive position ever.”

Finally, the representative added: “The more false stories the NY Post writes, the better things go for CBS News.” But since salaries and contract negotiations are highly classified and not shared with the public, we cannot know the truth. At the moment, CBS’ word is above that of the Post. So it is irresponsible on the magazine’s part to take O’Donnell’s pay cut as a fact.

The tabloid about Norah O’Donnell

The National Investigator has been spreading misinformation about Norah O’Donnell for some time now. Earlier this year, the outlet reported that O’Donnell would be leaving CBS News. Subsequently, the magazine claimed that Gayle King wanted CBS to fire O’Donnell. And then the publication again claimed that O’Donnell was on the chopping block. It is clear that the questioner is extremely biased against O’Donnell.