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Happify Health has been quietly spending the past 5 years “self-actualizing” on a brand new tech platform company launched this week: Twill. This is a big pivot – not just a brand change – and we’ve got co-founder and president Ofer Leidner and newly hired Chief Operating Officer Megan Callahan (who previously ran Lyft Health) here to tell us how it all went AND what happened to it. the old Happify app is going to happen.

Wellness app-no-more, Twill has emerged as a health technology infrastructure company. Its core product (called Sequences) is the open architecture, digital back-end that connects a health plan, employer, or a pharmaceutical company’s various digital point solutions – wellness apps, digital therapies, virtual coaching, peer support groups, telehealth platforms , etc. etc. – to create one neat and tidy, hyper-personalized, auto-navigated patient care journey based on condition or patient population.

Major brands such as Elevance Health (Anthem), Biogen and Almirall have already bought in, with products already on the market for conditions as diverse as maternal health, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis. Not to mention its roots in mental health, Twill is bringing in its own vast resources from the old Happify days to provide digital mental health support under each of these disease-specific point solutions. Ofer and Megan say Sequences can be developed for ANY condition or to target specific patient populations and they plan to launch 2-3 new Sequences each year.

What else is in store for Twill now that it’s been revealed from its stealthy start? Happify Health had raised $73 million in March 2021 in a grand round led by Deerfield Management Company – what should we expect next? Tune in for all the details about the transformation, the new products and how other digital health companies can work with Twill in the future.