‘Interstellar studies’ the focus of Northern Territory missile

Australia’s Equatorial Launch Russell Shaw says the collaboration between three rockets and NASA will be a “series of record- or history-making launches”.

“Since our launch in 2015, Equatorial Launch Australia has been committed to building and operating a world-class multi-user spaceport,” he said.

Mr Shaw said the launch marked the start of the Arnhem Space Centre, located in the Northern Territory, “which will become part of Australia’s launch capability”.

He said the launches — which would take place between June 26 and July 12 this year — will be used to help students at the universities of Wisconsin and Colorado in the United States.

“We’ll focus on some astrophysical studies of Alpha Centauri A and B and the X-rays coming from interstellar space,” he said.

“We think this is a great opportunity to learn more about humanity, once again we see it as a fantastic opportunity for Australia to showcase its capabilities to the world.”