iPhone expert reveals sneaky trick to see other people’s secret texts

An iPhone expert has detailed in a breathtaking TikTok video how to discover secret details in texts with a very simple technique.

Removing classified information from screenshots before sending them to friends may not be as private as you think.

An iPhone expert user has revealed that anyone can discover the details you hide underneath using a very simple technique in a breathtaking TikTok video.

So if you’re trying to hide a sensitive photo or important banking information, think again.

People regularly use the editing tool on screenshots and select dark highlighter.

But as lifehack.america shows, anyone can blur the effect to see what it hides, The sun reports.

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“If you ever send information that’s either crossed out or blacked out via text, well, the person receiving it on the other end just needs to open Photos,” he said.

From the Photos app, everyone just needs to tap the Edit button.

They can then select Exposure and slide it all the way to the maximum.

The same is also being done for Brilliance.

Any information hidden underneath will then be fully exposed.

One user commented, saying: “If they do ONE coat of the black marker, yes they can do this.

“If they do multiple layers, they can’t.”

Others have suggested that it is better to cut out sensitive things altogether.

It’s probably best not to send anything with important information on it – no matter how hidden you think it is.

This story originally appeared in The sun and is reproduced with permission.

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