Is Ginnivan Magpie teaching teammate tackling technique?

Collingwood forward Jack Ginnivan was filmed practicing some tackling techniques with defender Jack Madgen in training.

It begs the question: Is the young magpie teaching his teammate the art of drawing a high free kick?

Or maybe Ginnivan is just showing his teammate how to tackle young attackers who use a similar technique.

Ginnivan, who was charged this year with excessive contact to take free kicks, was seen practicing the technique with Madgen.

The young Magpie was in the thick of things in Sunday’s four-point win over Hawthorn, with two free kicks in the first quarter leading to goals – sparking a public outcry towards Ginnivan.

In the wake of Sunday’s game, former coach Nathan Buckley went on to fight for Ginnivan, saying there is a “skill” in the way players go about tackling tackles.

“I like the players who push the boundaries. I was trying to find different examples – Tom Hawkins and the way he approaches a 50 ruck forward match. I think he is on the verge of giving away free kicks every time he uses his body,” Buckley continued SEN Breakfast

“He does that in air races too, so you can say he’s on the edge of the rules with the way he uses his strength.

“So if you’re using your size or using your gile or using your smarts to stay on the edge of the rules, I don’t have a problem with that.

“It’s a difficult game to referee and we have an emotional response. When Jack Ginnivan drops his shoulders or raises his arm – as Joel Selwood has done his entire career – and gets a high free kick, and your defender gave that free kick away, you have an emotional response to that.

“So I think we find ourselves getting carried away with that. But that’s the game.”

Watch Ginnivan and Madgen in action during Collingwood’s training: