Is Kyrie Irving finally getting a dose of reality?

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving
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The drama we saw at the beginning of free agency in Brooklyn seems to have died down a bit and on the back burner for now. Just over a week ago, it emerged that Kyrie Irving and BFF Kevin Durant were destined to be shipped out of town as quickly as possible. While Durant has multiple suitorsIrving can’t say the same.

Leading in the field of to land Kyrie is the Los Angeles Lakers. Irving buying a mansion in LA last week only added to the speculation. A trade with the Lakers would reunite Irving and LeBron James, and most likely free the Lakers from Russell Westbrook.

Reports surfaced this week that the Lakers have not been “aggressive” in Pursuing Irving through trade. It doesn’t look like everyone in the Lakers organization is on board taking Kyrie to SoCal. James is probably the biggest advocate and could be the only one willing to trade for Irving.

Before Kyrie signed up for the final year of his deal with Brooklyn, it was: reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that Irving had a list of preferred teams he would consider trading partners. That list included the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, Mavericks, Heat, and 76ers. It has since become known that the Sixers and Mavs have no interest in trading for the All-Star Guard.

As for the other teams, I believe Miami is really interested after that trade is done. Pat Riley would be ready to fight Kyrie over his approach to becoming a pro. I just don’t see how that works, not even for a month. The Knicks are the Knicks and recently paid out Jalen Brunson, so they’re out.

The Lakers’ situation is outlined above, and the Clippers picked up John Wall at large. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t trade for Irving, but they don’t have many design choices. Should Irving to the Clippers happen, it still wouldn’t solve their main problem, which is leadership on the track. Kyrie wants to lead, but others don’t like to follow, except his buddy Durant.

Irving soon discovered that he’s not as good a bargain as he thought. Teams don’t exactly fall for themselves, jump in line, make offers. All his quirks and unpredictability have come back to give him a kick in the ass. Maybe this is good for Kyrie. He is a great player that no team wants to invest in in the long term. And certainly not the team he currently plays for alongside KD.

The fact of the matter is that Irving dug the hole he stands in. He’s been digging it for the past two years and now finally (hopefully) realizes how deep it runs. Disappearing after the January 6, 2021 incident in the nation’s capital where he decided not to get vaccinated after apparently tricking the team into thinking he would, are crazy quotes such as the firing of the Sixers who were a coach when Steve Nash was hired.

There’s always something about Irving that distracts attention from what he’s doing on the field. An NBA team would be foolish to go all in with Kyrie after what he showed the world about his personality.

We can see Irving waiting for quite some time before being traded. Neither the team nor the rest of the NBA seem in a hurry. And with all this coming back to haunt Irving, he doesn’t have the self-consciousness to recognize what’s going on and change. And even if Kyrie sees what’s happening (which he should), he’ll probably go about his normal business.

I don’t see Kyrie going to that level of self-reflection under the circumstances. It’s stupid to say, but he probably didn’t learn much from this.