Ivanka, Don Jr. and Donald Trump will be held accountable next month for the Trump Org’s many alleged crimes.

Since I left 17 months ago, Donald Trump has his hands full trying and failing to topple the 2020 election, approving potential elected officials accused of being as rude as he is with women, asking people if Google is trying to “f– -k” and brooding over terrorizing the country for another four years. Another area that kept him pretty busy? Opposing the numerous investigations that he and/or his company are the subject of, such as the one being led by the New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has been investigating his family business for more than two years and says she has uncovered “significant evidence” of fraud. But unfortunately for the ex-president and his two oldest children, that tactic hasn’t worked lately.

CNN reports that Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. will all sit on oath before the New York Attorney General’s office in July, subject to the intervention of a New York court of appeals. Last month, no doubt to the chagrin of the Trump family, an appeals court upheld a lower court ruling ordering the Trumps to comply with subpoenas issued by James’s office.

In January, the New York Attorney General filed a nearly 160-page document accusing the Trump Organization of inflating the value of its properties to lure lenders, and depreciating property values ​​when it came time to to pay tax. “We are taking legal action to force Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump to comply with our investigation into the Trump organization’s financial transactions,” James said. wrote on Twitter the same day. “Nobody in this country can choose whether and how the law applies to them.” She went on to write that her office “will not be deterred in our efforts to continue this investigation, find out the facts and pursue justice, no matter how many roadblocks Mr. Trump and his family throw in our way.”

Separately this week, New York judge Arthur Engoron said he would not clear a civil contempt warrant against Trump until the ex-president makes additional affidavits regarding the Trump organization’s “document retention and destruction policy.” In April, Engoron held Trump civil contempt — and fined him $10,000 a day — for failing to comply with a request from the attorney general for documents. While Trump’s attorney claims he has “given all the information he has,” James’s office has, according to CNN, “asked if it got all of Trump’s files.”

Regardless, when it comes to the statements made by the Trump trio, it’s not clear what to expect. When he was deposed by the New York AG in 2020, Eric Trump reportedly, the Fifth pleaded more than 500 times. In 2007, after Trump sued biographer Tim O’Brien for writing an unflattering but accurate portrait, O’Brien’s lawyers caught Trump on dozens of his own lies during a statement. And as we learned in April, during an October 2021 statement as part of a lawsuit against the Trump organization’s head of security, the former president took an extremely long time to sidestep his fear of being killed by flying fruit.

Facebook’s gun sales ban is extremely strict:checks notes—10 strikes-and-you-re-out rule for sellers

Hey, I wouldn’t be too hard on anyone! Little kids usually only get beaten twice for things like throwing food and drawing on the walls, but why shouldn’t people who use the site to sell killing machines learn their lesson? nine times before you take down the hammer? Per The Washington Post

>Facebook bans gun sales on its service. But buyers and sellers can break the rule 10 times before being kicked off the social network, according to internal guidelines obtained by The Washington Post…. According to the documents, a separate five strikes policy applies even to gun sellers and buyers who actively incite violence or praise a known dangerous organization.

> Once a major gun sales marketplace, sold in batches to gun enthusiasts, Facebook banned such sales in 2016 amid pressure from activists and government agencies seeking to bolster gun control after Sandy Hook. Other social media companies, such as Twitter, YouTube and TikTok, followed suit. Facebook has maintained that it appropriately controls gun sales, arguing that such deals represent a small fraction of the content on its networks and that many who violate the policy are unaware that they are breaking the rules, as selling of guns is legal in the United States.

Uh, sure, except they should probably be aware after they hit the line the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth time.

“Facebook’s 10 strike rule for banned gun sales is beyond shocking — it’s incredibly dangerous,” Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, told The mail. “Gun violence is tearing our communities apart and yet Facebook is more concerned about gun sellers not just having a second chance, but ten chances? That’s not responsibility, that’s complicity.”

Just in case Republican Party priorities were unclear

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