Jets QB Zach Wilson sees MVP opportunities rising

Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson
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Zach Wilson is not going to win the MVP award this year. I know, wild prediction. That’s probably the hottest take I’ve ever done. Am I a hero to make such a bold statement? I wouldn’t call myself that, but I’m sure other people would. Don’t tell Vegas that I’m making that statement, though. Ever since news of Wilson’s alleged sexcapades came out, gamblers flocked to their local sportsbooks to put money into the former No. 2 overall roster to win the most coveted individual football prize.

In the past seven days, Wilson has placed a whopping 31.7 percent of all MVP bets on him! That is by far the most of any player. According to OddsChecker VSBuffalo’s Josh Allen comes closest at 22.9 percent, which was an absurd percentage, but nowhere near Wilson’s ostentatious numbers. Super Bowl champion Matthew Stafford is next with 11.4 percent, less than half the percentage of Allen.

NFL fans, and especially Jets fans, suddenly love their franchise quarterback. The man who was once again known for his mother’s good looks and questionable choices for social media is now known for “having that dawg in him” after news broke that Wilson allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend with his mother’s best friend. People were so enamored with this news that, after finding out who the “best friend” in question was, her Instagram comments and DMs became overrun with Jets fans call their quarterback the GOAT. But just because a quarterback fulfills these people’s sexual fantasies doesn’t mean he’s better at football. I mean, come on people. Are you really going to throw away money because of a meme?

This is your money you are dealing with. I know JG Wentworth likes to preach that “it’s your money, use it when you need it,” but nobody, and I mean nobody, needs to drop a $1,000 bet next year on Wilson winning MVP. NO ONE!

Wilson’s odds for the MVP price are currently at +15,000, or an implied 0.5 percent chance. That puts him 28th among all players — equated with (the possibly soon-to-be-traded) Jimmy Garoppolo, Justin Fields and Daniel “Danny Dimes” Jones — and far behind any other quarterback in his division (Allen: +700; Mac Jones : +7500; Tua Tagovialoa: +7500. Guess what? Despite the influx of bets on Zach Wilson, his odds have not changed. Normally, when so many people bet on one player or team, Vegas will change their chances of not losing an insane amount of money if that player wins the MVP or that team wins the Super Bowl. Wilson’s odds haven’t changed, though. They absolutely stayed, meaning even Vegas believes it’s impossible for Wilson to win the MVP. Stop throwing your money away!

Wilson can be seen in public these days as a stud, GOAT or dawg, and he certainly tends toward that distinction.

However, Wilson’s enviable sex life is no substitute for his lack of pocket awareness, rushed decision-making and unwillingness to let go of football† I know it’s fun to follow a trend, enjoy a meme, and be a part of American culture, like go see Minions: Rise of Gru in suits and ties with kilos of bananas — BANANA – in tow, but if you start spending your own hard-earned money on those memes, without even getting the satisfaction of watching a feature film, then I have to step in and remind everyone to hold on to your money and save it. stop giving these huge casinos your money!