JULY Carry On Pro Baggage Review

The only thing domestic and international air passengers have in common is that they all take carry-on luggage on board the airline. If you’re looking for the best carry-on luggage, the JULY Carry On Pro may be just what you’re looking for.

With air travel you have so much out of control these days. However, one thing you can check is to make sure you have the right carry-on luggage that is not only practical but also meets the demands of travel. That is why it is so important to choose the right hand luggage.

In our review of the JULY Carry On Pro luggage, we highlight the pros and cons of the JULY Carry On Pro and why we think it ticks all the boxes.

JULY Carry On Pro luggage review

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Why the right hand luggage is important?

More and more airlines are imposing restrictions on the size and weight of hand luggage. Moreover, airports are busier than ever and the days are over when you could take your time. Depending on the specific airport, it can take several hours from airport entry to the departure lounge and baggage that is not fit for purpose can be a burden.

This is especially relevant when passing through security, which usually requires specific items to be removed from your hand luggage. Bringing a bag specifically designed as a carry-on bag will make your trip so much easier.

When choosing the best carry-on luggage, the main items we look for are:

  • Overall quality of the case
  • Internal and external compartments
  • Weight of the hand luggage when empty
  • Physical dimensions to ensure compatibility with airline recommendations
  • Easy access to internal items required for security removal
  • How easy is it to slide. 2 or 4 wheels
  • Length of the handle and whether it extends enough for comfortable movement
  • Construction materials – hard shell or soft sides
  • closing mechanism
  • Guarantee

JULY Carry On Pro review unboxing and first impressions

JULY is an Australian company and product purchases are made online through the juli.com website. From the first order of our Carry On Pro to delivery within Australia it was approximately 1 week and tracking and delivery information was regularly provided throughout the process.

The first thing you notice when your JULY Carry On Pro arrives is the packaging. When you open the box you will see that the case comes in a reusable drawstring cloth bag.

JULY Carry on Pro Packaging
Unpacking the Carry On Pro luggage

JULY do not package products in plastic. This eco-friendly approach is a welcome relief and shows that they are serious about limiting unnecessary packaging that would only end up in landfill.

The Carry On Pro luggage is available in different colors and we opted for the stylish clay colored version. We have further personalized the case with lettering of your choice that can be arranged with the order. A range of fonts are available with your choice of colors that allow you to individualize your suitcase. A nice touch that makes your business stand out from the rest.

The Carry On Pro has 4 dual spinner wheels and is a hard case design. It is made of German polycarbonate and contains the world famous Japanese YKK zippers. The internal capacity is 42 liters with internal dimensions of 51cm high x 38cm wide x 22cm deep.

Alan with the JULY luggage
Alan gets ready to travel with the Carry On Pro

Advantages of the JULY Carry On Pro luggage

What sets this luggage apart from others is the external removable cover. This handy addition is basically a sleeve that attaches securely to the outside of the case and is designed as a storage space for laptops etc.

It snaps securely into place on the outside of the case and is padded on the inside to protect your laptop/tablet, etc. It features a zipper for easy access and can also hold documents. An additional internal zippered pocket is included, providing a convenient location for storing travel documents, passports, etc., which can be easily retrieved without opening the case.

This external detachable cover is a game changer for us as we travel a lot with laptops and passing through secure access to electronics is a breeze as it is so easy to access.

Once on board the plane, you simply detach the cover to access the laptop without having to remove the case from the top cabinet. Such a great idea with so many uses that will come in so handy while traveling.

JULY Carry On Pro External Case
Handy sleeve for packing laptop and documents

JULY also has a similar carry-on suitcase that is the same size but without the removable cover and is suitable for those who do not need the external cover. It is also a high quality product and our detailed review of the JULY Carry On luggage highlights its features.

Apart from the handy external cover, the case also has an integrated power bank for charging devices on the go. This battery pack is ejectable and has standard USB and USB-C ports.

Power bank on the JULY Carry On Pro
Such a great idea to have a built-in removable power bank

Internally, the Carry On Pro has a unique two-strap compression system to carry more in your carry-on, as well as an attached laundry bag that folds into a zippered pocket when not in use. Other internal features include a zippered compartment on the internal compression sleeve and a zippered compartment over the top half to keep items in place.

What makes JULY luggage so good?

Overall, this bag has many top quality features that we have come to expect in JULY. As with all products in the JULY luggage range, from the lightweight Carry On Light case to the Carry All Weekender travel bags and the Carry All backpack, it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the Carry On Pro.

With design features that set it apart from other travel product manufacturers, the JULY Carry On Pro is arguably the best carry-on on the market today and well worth the cost.

In the luggage
Lots of space in the suitcase

Specifications of the JULY Carry On Pro


The exterior is a hard shell design made from strong German polycarbonate. The inside is water-repellent and has a stain-resistant lining.

Exterior dimensions including wheels:

55 cm (H) x 38 cm (W) x 22 cm (D) with the external cover loose

55cm (H) x 38cm (W) x 24cm (D) with the external cover attached

Internal dimensions:

51cm (H) x 38cm (W) x 22cm (D)

Most important features:

42 liters of storage capacity

Weight when empty 3.6 kg

Integrated TSA lock and high quality Japanese YKK zippers

360° double spinner wheels

Leather finishes on the nylon straps and hinge

Removable external cover made of polyester with leather finishes and secure fastening mechanism

Option to personalize with lettering

3-Stop Telescopic Handle with Double Rod

Cost of the JULY Carry On Pro

Expensive gear and personal items are in your hand luggage and you need to be confident that your belongings are protected. We used many different carry-on bags during our years of nomadic travel and found that you generally get what you pay for.

You will certainly find cheaper carry-on luggage, but without the features or quality of the JULY Carry On Pro. That is why we think it is competitively priced.

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Our experience with JULY luggage has always been positive and they have never let us down. We are convinced that this Carry On Pro will last for many years. JULY is so confident in their products that they also offer a lifetime warranty.

Would we recommend the JULY Carry On Pro luggage?

Yes. If you’re looking to upgrade or buy extra carry-on luggage, it’s worth considering the JULY Carry On Pro luggage, as it’s hard to beat. Traveling with this case should be a lot easier, especially in the times when you need quick access to equipment.

Where to buy JULY luggage

The Carry On Pro and other products can all be purchased from JULY’s online store. If you’re not sure, JULY offer a 100-day trial and free shipping across Australia.

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More information about the entire JULY range can be found here on the official website

Disclaimer: We’ve been kind enough to sample a Carry On Pro. But as usual, all opinions are ours.


JULY Carry On Pro Baggage Review