Kevin Costner won an Emmy, but you’ll never guess why


‘s trophy cabinet Kevin Costner covers just about every price under the sun. Academy Awards, Golden Globes and even a few Razzie Awards line its walls. You would probably expect that the Yellowstone star to own an Emmy Award, and you’d be right. It’s just not for the show you might think.

Primetime Emmy Snubs

The 2022 Emmy Awards featured plenty of marquees. This is us received virtually no love in its final season, with much dismay that Mandy Moore went unnominated. It only received an original music nomination. blackisha hero of the ceremony, received a nomination only for contemporary hairstyles and contemporary costumes.

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Disney+ also got very little love, with people like peacekeeper, Boba Fett’s book and Loki not to draw attention to big prizes. Perhaps the most surprising stump is Yellowstone. The western is popular with fans and critics alike, but failed to receive any nominations. Costner has yet to receive a nomination for his role as John Dutton.

Kevin Costner’s many awards

It should come as no surprise that Costner has won almost every movie award under the sun. Dancing with wolves scored him two Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director, although he lost Best Actor to Jeremy Irons. He received a SAG award for: Hidden Figures and an honorary César in 2013.

He’s also won six Razzie Awards along the way and won three for The mailman in 1998. However, Costner failed to “win” the Razzie for Waterworld, losing to showgirls in a stacked year in which also It’s Pat.

And the Emmy goes to…

In 2012, Costner was nominated for two Emmy Awards for the production and lead role in Hatfields & McCoys. The History Channel miniseries saw Costner take on Bill Paxton in a retelling of a major feud in American history. The series was the first scripted drama in History Channel history and did very well among critics.

The series was cleaned up at awards ceremonies that season, earning Costner a Golden Globe and a SAG award. He took home the Best Leading Actor in a Miniseries or Movie, beating out co-star Paxton, Benedict Cumberbatch for Sherlockand Idris Elba for Luther to name a few. Impressive.

Hatfields & McCoys lost excellent miniseries or movie to Game changea retelling of John McCain’s failed 2012 presidential campaign. Here’s how Tom Hanks, a producer on the series, won his sixth of seven Emmy Awards.

Yellowstone will definitely get a chance to be nominated for more awards in the future, and it’s not like Costner is hungry for any award attention. Still, it’s surprising that one of Hollywood’s most successful actors only has an Emmy for a largely forgotten miniseries.

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