“Khairha Ali” .. Mustafa Younes, the former Al-Ahly star, appears on the air wearing the Zamalek club shirt (video)

Mustafa Younis, the former Al-Ahly club star and Egypt national team, explained the reason for his appearance in the air on a sports program, Tuesday evening, wearing the Zamalek club shirt, as an attempt to calm the situation and distance himself. do of intolerance between the two clubs.

Mustafa Younes, while hosting the program “Al-Laib”, broadcast on the satellite channel “Egypt mbc”: “I am the star of Al-Ahly and my blood is the Al-Ahly club, and all people know that I am a man who respect my word. I photographed myself wearing the Zamalek shirt and sent it to the family group and they told me not to do it.”

And on the reason for wearing the Zamalek club shirt, he explained that he wears it because of the fight caused by a group of people between the two teams, noting, “I wore the Zamalek shirt because the people who love the world between Al-Ahly and Zamalek and take advantage of this cause, the longevity of the two teams are sisters and friends, and the Zamalek shirt is the best for me, Zamalek is the reason for my fame and I only have lost to him once.”

He continued: “My first top game, I managed to score the only goal of the game, and I am honored to wear the Zamalek shirt, and I owe the white team the credit.”

It is noteworthy that next Sunday, Al-Ahly will meet his counterpart Zamalek, at the top of the Egyptian League, as part of the 20th round of the Egyptian League competitions.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek had qualified for the round of 16 of the Egypt Cup for the current season, after the duo passed Al-Masry’s teams in Salloum and Al-Dakhiliya respectively.

Mostafa Younes is one of the most prominent defensive line stars in the history of Egyptian football and the Al-Ahly Club, having retired from playing in 1985.

Younes began his sports career in 1969 with Al-Ahly, where he played in the ranks of the red team for almost 12 years and won many championships.

Among the most prominent championships won by Mostafa Younis are the Championships of the General League (1974/1975 to 1981/1982), the Egypt Cup (1978 – 1981 – 1983), in addition to the African Club Championship in 1982.

After retiring, Mustafa Younis had a brief training experience with the Sudanese Al Hilal team, before resigning from his post after losing four goals for two to Al-Mahalla Municipality in the first round of the Africa Cup of Nations. Cup competition, 2003-2004 season.

Younes also coached the Egyptian youth team and led it to the 2011 African Nations Youth Championships.