Kim Kardashian Fights Back on Claims Her Skincare Line ‘SKKN BY KIM’ Is a Trademark Infringement of the eponymous brand ‘SKN+’ used by small business owner in NYC

Kim Kardashian and her lawyer are fighting back over claims that her skincare line ‘SKN BY KIM’ is a trademark infringement of the eponymous brand SKKN+, used by the owner of a small business Cydnie Lunsford.

Kim Kardashian41, received a prohibition letter from . for the first time last July Lunsford’s attorneys, claiming that her Brooklyn-based firm Beauty Concepts LLC has provided salon and skin care services under the name SKKN+ since July 2017. In the letter, obtained by sources, Beauty Concepts says it also operates a website and social media with the same letters. They also say the company filed in March with the US Patent and Trademark Office to SKKN+ logo.

According to reports, Beauty Concepts states it is a “Black and woman-owned business” who survived the pandemic and opened a shop,

“just to learn” [Kim Kardashian] launched its new brand with a remarkably similar name.”

Cydnie Lunsford- SKKN Owner

In the legal documents, Beauty Concepts alleges that after allegedly contacting: Kardashianthey were ignored by the reality star’s legal team who went ahead with the SKKN BY KIM launch. The company stressed that it had spent a lot of time and effort building its brand over the past three years, and was now concerned that Kim Kardashian’s brand would cause confusion in the market.

Kim Kardashian

However, a statement from Kardashian’s lead attorney Michael Rhodes calls the suit a “shakedown effort” from Lunsford’s legal team to “damage” [Kim’s] name and reputation” and make use of a large settlement.