Lakers owner Jeannie Buss causes a stir on social media


Jeanie Buss

Jeanie bus
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Jeanie Buss came out of nowhere with a tweet that has been buzzing social media this weekend. She is not very active on the platform and tweets at most four times a month. Her last two were about WOW Women of Wrestling, which she co-owns, and the previous one was a retweet of a trailer for the upcoming multi-part Hulu documentary on the history of the Los Angeles Lakers. That was her activity for the month of June.

However, Buss opened July with something other than a promotion of content she produces. On Sunday, she sent out a tweet that looked more like a reverie that she decided to share.

It starts with her missing Kobe Bryant, about whom she sometimes tweets. Then it goes on to talk about how much he valued the team above himself – that he acts like this all the time is certainly debatable. “Your rewards would come if you prioritized team goals over your own, then everything would fall into place.” Buss went on to let the world know that she doesn’t tweet very often by putting an end to it, “all can reply.” As long as the comment circle hasn’t faded, that’s exactly how Twitter works.

Ignoring Buss deciding to explain how people have interacted on Twitter for 15 years, the rest of the tweet earns the Druski “what do you mean” meme. Or, since she decided to share these thoughts that received over 79,000 likes and over 5,000 comments at a time when the NBA season is just speculation, maybe a Brian Windhorst meme fascinating the first take agency and lots of social media, on the Friday before Independence Day by repeatedly asking “What’s going on in Utah” for two minutes, while slowly drawing a parallel between what Utah Jazz’s new general manager, Danny Ainge, said. did in building the current Boston Celtics roster by collecting assets and pointing out that Ainge is doing the same in his new job. Hours after perhaps Windhorst’s best-ever televised two minutes, the Jazz traded Rudy Gobert for the Minnesota Timberwolves for four first-round draft picks.

What’s going on with Jeanie Buss? Sending cryptic tweets during the crazy season, why would she? Should we pay attention to what’s going on with Buss? Should the Phoenix Suns and Brooklyn Nets find out what’s going on with Buss? Will Kyrie Irving and Joe Harris end up with the Lakers picking before Talen Horton-Tucker, Russell Westbrook and a 2027 first round? Is she mad at the Los Angeles Lakers’ teamwork last season?

It’s also a possibility that she’s messing with us. She threw that on a Sunday night at 11pm Pacific time to excite all the Lakers fans and when the Lakers haters woke up, it might reinforce their belief that the Lakers are a tire fire with no relief in sight. The latter is the most unlikely, but whether she knows it or not, her tweet was quite the Jerry Jones move. When you own the most recognizable team in a professional league, anything you say about it generates a huge amount of attention.

That technique is how Jones made the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable sports franchise in the world. They haven’t played in an NFC Championship Game since the 1995 season, but while a first take A-Block topic in September could be about the Cowboys, it could also be about them in March or May. If winning the big one is not in sight, put on a show and always be available for a quote.

Buss has something the Cowboys don’t have, she owns the most winning franchise in major American professional sports since they were widely integrated. Of their 27 World Series championships, the Yankees won their 10th, literally the year Jackie Robinson entered the MLB. Since MLB peaked with 20 percent of its players black in the 1970s, the Yankees have won seven. Of the 13 Lakers championships they won in Los Angeles, 12 came after the ABA/NBA merger and six since the turn of the millennium. The Cowboys were the closest thing to a Super Bowl recently when a ball moved into Dez Bryant’s arms in 2014.

They still have the celebrities on the sidelines and now they have the company name Crypto on their stadium instead of the place where people buy office supplies and use printers on the rare occasion that they need one.

She already has the documentary celebrating the franchise’s lore, Buss must stage to keep the Lakers in people’s minds. Maybe she shaded LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook on Sunday, maybe at her front office, or maybe she just misses Bryant. Anyway, with Irving to Lakers trending, her tweet did huge numbers over a holiday weekend and she’s not a big social media personality.

What’s going on with Jeanie Buss? I don’t know, and she clearly hasn’t found her Danny Ainge to flip her franchise. But it’s a good thing to put the wick of this tweet in the social media fire to make it explode. She has to keep it up.