Lava La Rue: ‘My message to the next generation of queer people? Enjoy world domination’

Lava La Rue is undoubtedly an emerging star on the British music scene right now.

After their EP Butter-Fly garnered critical acclaim last year — not to mention a coveted spot on Hearstopper’s soundtrack — Lava recently released their first single of 2022, Vest & Boxers, a new anthem about queer love for Gen Z. .

I wrote Vest & Boxers to be very relatable about what dating was like for myself and my teenage lesbian/NBLW friends growing up,” they said of the song, which contains nods to SZA, Rue and Jules’ romance in Euphoria and dancing. “around her living room until I fold my Nikes”

“I’m referring to all the little moments we joke about – not knowing if you’re on a date or just meeting up as friends, walking into their bedroom for the first time and thinking how good it smells, not coming home for two days after the first night together and deciding to just move in. We were all guilty of it!”

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About the song’s standout title, Lava adds: “Vest & Boxers is what we’d call our ‘dyke uniform’ – we’d wear it under our baggy denim/oversized suits with the waistband as a little signal to all the other gay men in the room .”

This Pride we spoke to the London-born artist about how Skins resonated with them as they grew up and their hopes for queer “world domination”…

Who was the first queer you looked up to?

Joan Jett, because of her style when she starred in The Runaways and then went solo – she attracted all genders and exudes a mix of masc/femme rockstar energy.

But also Kele Okereke! Not only was I under the impression that I was a black British indie frontman, but when he opened up about being queer in 2010, that was a big moment for me. Being a black queer from immigrant families, plus making music in a white dominated genre, can be super alienating and it’s so important to have people to look up to in that area.

Kele Okereke pictured in April 2022
Kele Okereke pictured in April 2022

BERTRAND GUAY via Getty Images

What was the first LGBTQ+ TV show or movie that you remember resonated with you?

Only the lesbian plot in the second generation of Skins. I thought: “Wow, why do I find this all so recognizable?”.

Naomi and Emily in Season 3 of Skins

Naomi and Emily in Season 3 of Skins

What is a number you associate with your own coming out?

To be honest my own song GOYD (short for “girl of your dreams”). I think that was the first song I wrote that explicitly said, “Hello, I like girls, this song is about a girl”. And I wrote it because I really wish I had a song like that growing up, which was a dreamy, weird, NBLW/WLW love song.

What was the most recent LGBTQ+ show or movie that impressed you?

Recently I’ve really enjoyed how shows like Euphoria, Big Mouth or Sex Education introduce queer characters, but their story isn’t just based on the struggle/trope of those who are queer, and builds a whole depth of character issues that go further. to go.

Also Heart Stopper! I still can’t believe they played my music on the show.

Hunter Schafer and Zendaya in Euphoria

Hunter Schafer and Zendaya in Euphoria

Who is your ultimate queer icon?

Prince. Creating your own gender symbol/pronoun/name as a black rock star is a goal.

Prince performs at the 2007 Super Bowl
Prince performs at the 2007 Super Bowl

ROBERTO SCHMIDT via Getty Images

Who is a queer person in the public eye right now that gets you excited about the future?

What Telfar Clemens is doing in the fashion world, both design-wise and conceptually, is really exciting and forward-thinking for many intersections within queer and black. I think it will shape future fashion trends.

Telfar Clemens pictured in 2016
Telfar Clemens pictured in 2016

Mireya Acero via Getty Images

Why do you think Pride is still so important today?

Although homosexuality is a crime in 43 countries, Pride is still a protest.

"It's our time!"

What is your message for the next generation of LGBTQ+ people?

Enjoy world domination. It’s our time!

Watch the video clip for Lava’s Vest & Boxers below: