Lawsuit alleges Quinta Brunson and ABC stole an idea for Abbott Elementary

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Source: Nigel Degraff / Nigel Degraff

same week Quinta Brunson history made with a historical number Emmy Award Nominationsa lawsuit arose. Radar Online reports aspiring writer and actress Christine Davis has filed a lawsuit accusing Brunson and ABC of: steal the idea for the new hit sitcom Abbott Elementary School.

“Without [Davis’] consent, license, authority or consent, [Brunson & ABC] knowingly and illegally used [Davis’] works to create the Abbott Elementary TV show,” the lawsuit reads.

Davis says the script for her show This schoolyear inspired Abbott’s “downtown school look and feel, mockumentary style, unique plot synopsis, set design, and unique characters.” It sounds like she accomplishes more than just teaching about this.

“In addition, the main characters are all stinging and essentially similar. Of the trio of young teachers whose roles are nearly identical,” the submission claims.

The suit even accuses Quinta of copying her main character. This schoolyear main character Ms. Davis is a “young idealistic young idealistic teacher who hopes to get tenure but also tries to convince everyone that the school needs reform.”

According to the lawsuit, Davis wrote the script in 2018. She registered it with the United States Copyright Office in March 2020. She pitched the script to Shavon Sullivan Wright and Cherisse Parks at Shavon Sullivan Wright and Cherisse Parks Bee Blue Park Productions in July 2020. They would have told Davis that ABC and Hulu were looking for black, female-led comedies.

By September 2020, Abbott Elementary was already in production for its first season. Perhaps Mrs. Teagues should give her future teacher colleague a math lesson, because this is not right. Anything about mentioning interest in black women’s comedies sounds like the well-known racist rant about positive action.

Quinta often discussed that Abbott is a deeply personal project. She said Indie Wire that she got the idea from her mother, who recently stopped teaching. The school is located in Quinta’s hometown of Philadelphia. Even the name Abbott came from one of Quinta’s favorite teachers.

Brunson quietly sold the field to Warner Brothers, who have developed projects with her in the past. She sold the pitch to ABC and went on to write the pilot herself. When did Quinta “book and busy” Brunson have time to copy someone else’s paper? It takes years to get all the deals, crew and cast together to make a show like this possible.

As she evolved AbbottBrunson also worked on several other projects, iZombie, big mouth and A Black Lady Sketch Show. Now that she’s making history with three Emmy nominations, the next day a hater comes up with a lawsuit. Isn’t that convenient?

Brunson earned nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. Her co-stars Janelle James and Sheryl Lee Ralph received nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Brunson’s love interest on screen Tyler James Williams was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Davis’s copyright infringement lawsuit claims all of Quinta’s and ABC’s profits from the show’s success. She tried! If this is the best argument she has, leave it on the playground!