Lea Michele pays heartwarming tribute to Cory Monteith 9 years after his death

Lea Michele was one of the most famous characters, starring Rachel Berry in the popular show “Glee”. The actress is known for her exceptional voice and brilliant acting talents. Lea has played in many shows since her time with Glee and she has continued to broaden her horizons since the show ended.

While filming Glee, Lea Michele dated her co-star Cory Monteith for a significant period of time. The two were very happy together, both as an on-screen couple and as an off-screen couple. However, Cory died of a heroin overdose in 2013, leaving Lea heartbroken.

Since his death, Lea has made sure to post a sweet post or photo every year on the anniversary of his death to commemorate him. She did the same this year, with a lovely throwback of the two lovingly staring into each other’s eyes with a red heart. The photo shows Cory in a black suit, white shirt and dark blue striped tie. Lea, on the other hand, wore a light blue dress and held her coat on her arm next to a bouquet.

The photo appears to have been taken during the filming of the Glee episodes. The characters of Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson were very different on screen, but off screen the two were extremely compatible and were great lovers.

Lea also has two tattoos of Cory to remember him. One of them is a tattoo with just ‘Finn’ on her lower back and the other is his character’s number 5 on her side.

Lea has spoken of the close bond the two had. She stated that no one knew her like Cory. She said he made her feel like she could do anything. She also talked about plans the two had made to get married, have children and settle down. However, Cory was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver, Canada from a heroin and alcohol overdose.

The situation hadn’t changed Lea’s mind about Cory. She stated that she knew him and that he was a wonderful person. The addiction had just won. Lea is now married to businessman Zandy Reich and has a child with him Leo who is now almost two years old. Leo was born on August 20, 2020.