LeBron James Wants To Play With Steph Curry


LeBron wouldn't mind being Steph Curry's full-time teammate.

LeBron wouldn’t mind being Steph Curry’s full-time teammate.
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This year’s NBA postseason was pretty good minus all the injuries, even with the absence of LeBron James. While the era of James playing every June is overThat doesn’t mean we won’t hear from the king during the playoffs and especially after the NBA finals are over. And one thing we already know is that James would love to play alongside Wardell Stephen Curry.

LeBron recently doubled that, while filming an upcoming episode of his HBO series, The storethat Golden State is the team he would most like to play for of the teams still vying for a championship.

“In today’s game, there’s some m—–f——— in today’s game, but Steph Curry,” James said:† “Steph Curry is the one I definitely want to play with in today’s game. … I love everything about that man. deadly. If he gets out of his car, you better guard him from the moment he drives into the arena. … You may want to guard him when he gets out of bed. Swear to god. He’s serious.”

I’m not shocked to hear that James feels that way about playing with Curry, but it’s a little odd to hear him say this in public more than once. We rarely hear players speak so candidly about other stars, especially other superstar players in their sport, while they are still active. Everything James says, whether good or bad, is examined in great detail. So if he says this about Curry and that he would like to be his teammate, he knows it will be picked up.

There’s no way he would have picked the Celtics, given the rivalry between them and his Lakers† Los Angeles fans would have chased James out of town as soon as he uttered the word Boston. But just imagine James joining this Celtics roster. LeBron, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

They should make some adjustments offensively as all three players are used to working with the ball in their hands, but defensively the Celtics would be even stronger than they already are. Three tall defensive wingers would be hell for any team in the league to deal with, not just the Warriors. On the attack, I like the idea of ​​James being Marcus Smart’s guard anyway. I think they can figure out the Tatum and Brown part of the equation in terms of their fit with LeBron.

But again, we can throw that scenario out the window, as James wouldn’t dare call it playing for the Celtics while being an active part of the Lakers franchise. And James also has a long history with the Celtics, dating back to his days in Cleveland and Miami. So that scenario probably wouldn’t work for many reasons.

And James’ fit with the Warriors would probably be a much smoother transition. On offense there should be no problems as Curry, Thompson and Jordan Poole can all play off the ball. The ball moves constantly in Steve Kerr’s attack, but James would adapt. Draymond and LeBron could take turns on the attack, and they would still be great defensively with the addition of James. So of course he would want to play with these guys at this late stage of his career.

There were certainly other teams James could have chosen (depending on when the episode was filmed), but everyone knows what Curry and the Warriors have meant to LeBron’s career.

So much of James’ NBA heritage is tied to the Warriors that I can see why he would want to play for them. Curry and Golden State upset Bron and the Cavs in 2015.

In 2016 it was James’ skirmish with Draymond Green that eventually led to the most incredible comeback in NBA Finals history. Cleveland cleared a 3-1 deficit to win the franchise’s first and only NBA title. When you break it down, LeBron’s apparent infatuation with the Warriors makes sense.

“I would like to play a pissing match with Draymond [Green]† James explained† “I love it when someone calls me names.”

James and Green have even become friends and business partners. And that’s after their showdown in 2016, where Draymond called LeBron a “bitch,” which caused James to have a seizure. So if James says he “would love to play a pissing match” with Green and that he likes being called names, I just don’t buy it.

King James is largely seen as one of the most sensitive players of his time. He constantly posts cryptic tweets in response to something someone has said about him. Before the season kicked off, James took to Twitter to tell everyone who called the Lakers old to keep that same energy.

Well, the energy stayed, but the Lakers didn’t quite do the same. So I won’t be fooled by James this time. I don’t believe for a moment that he would be okay with Green constantly berating him and getting in his face. Because that’s what Draymond does regularly with teammates and opponents.

Sometimes it feels like James is so used to being in the NBA spotlight late in the season that he feels like he needs to give us something to remember him. Not that we’d forget, but you know the saying, out of sight, out of mind. If your team doesn’t play relevant games in the NBA from April, that means you won’t be there for the postseason. The Lakers couldn’t even make it responding this year.

The king has his finger on the pulse. James knows what it takes to stay hot when it comes to content. When James is not on the field, he knows he needs to hit us with something every now and then, so he stays in our thoughts. When the king talks, we all listen. And he knows exactly how to take full advantage of that and get us talking about him.