Leigh Matthews addresses North Melbourne president’s “silly comment”

Leigh Matthews has targeted a “stupid comment” by North Melbourne President Sonja Hood.

Hood and CEO Ben Amarfio took center stage on Tuesday to announce that the Kangaroos has parted ways with senior coach David Noble.

Hood stated at the press conference that the Rose has a “really great playlist”.

“I’m not interested in large-scale change,” she told reporters.

“We have a really great playlist, a really great playlist.

“A lot of talent on our list and a lot of talent among our people.”

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The Kangaroos have lost 14 consecutive games to languish at the bottom of the ladder with a terrible 1-15 win-loss record.

Noble was relieved of his coaching duties after winning just five of 38 games at the helm.

Talk about Sports dayMatthews rejected Hood’s assessment of North’s list.

“That’s a stupid comment, isn’t it?” said the VFL/AFL legend.

“I don’t think anyone in their right mind can think that North Melbourne’s playlist is really great.

“Most you can say is promising, in other words we have a lot of youth that is unproven and it’s very promising.

“Really awesome isn’t a term anyone else would use about North Melbourne’s playlist.

“They’re just words, but they’re words that have no substance, right?

“You couldn’t possibly think they have a great playlist.”

It looks like North Melbourne will request a priority pick from the AFL at the end of the season.