Lewandowski: I only think about the offer from Barcelona and something in me died about Bayern

Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski confirms that he is only thinking of Barcelona’s offer and is leaving Bayern Munich.

Polish star Robert Lewandowski has confirmed he has not considered any offer other than Barcelona’s for a summer move.

This came according to what the player confirmed in statements he made to “Aunt Sport” newspaper, in which he stressed that he finds no respect in Bayern Munich.

“I already have my house in Spain and I’m really starting to speak a little Spanish,” Lewandowski said of his preparations for his next season.

He added: “Any player can join Bayern Munich knowing that he will not be able to leave the team.”

And he added: “What is that respect and loyalty? I was with them all the time and always wanted to play, even when I was injured.”

He continued on the presence of other offers for him: “No other offers were considered except the one from Barcelona. I want to leave Bayern Munich after my years there where I gave everything I had. Something died in me and I have more feelings in my life, to leave.” It’s the best solution for everyone.”

It is worth noting that several reports had confirmed that Lewandowski had already agreed with Barcelona to strengthen its ranks in the summer for €9 million per season.