Lisa Rinna Says Sutton Scene Was Edited Amid Backlash

'RHOBH' Lisa Rinna Reveals She Spoke To Sutton Before Criticizing Her About Diana Feud

Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

In a recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Diana Jenkins and Sutton Stracke engaged in a shocking verbal altercation Garcelle Beauvaishis birthday party. At the time, Sutton called Diana a “mother-f**ker” and “soulless”.

Add chest, who was unable to attend the party, was briefed about the fight by Diana herself during a one-on-one scene. In the next episode, over a tense lunch, Lisa called out Sutton for making the insults – fueling the anger of many fans, who felt Sutton was impeccable.

According to a cryptic tweet by Lisa, part of the story has been omitted.

“I shot a delicious breakfast scene with Sutton where she told me about what happened at Garcelle’s party,” the actress wrote on July 13. “It’s a shame they don’t air it so we can see both sides of the story.”

Lisa clarified in the comments: “I wasn’t at Garcelle’s party so I can only go by what I was told, but the stories Diana and Sutton told me were completely different. It’s like watching two different movies.”

What exactly was Lisa told at breakfast with Sutton? Did Sutton forget to mention her controversial insults? Is this why Lisa felt the need to confront her over lunch? Right now it’s everyone’s best bet.

Most castmates are hesitant to expose “montage” unless the unseen footage is important to the story. Perhaps the hidden scene would explain Lisa’s actions over lunch. Or maybe something bigger is going on.

We live in an era, it seems, where reality stars must defend each of their actions. Many “housewives” fear the haters, who gather with pitchforks on Twitter, ready to attack any castmate who makes a mistake.

Is Lisa building her business?

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