Liverpool: How did new Reds player Fabio Carvalho achieve stardom from a small club?

  • Harry Di Cosimo
  • BBC Sports

Fabio Carvalho
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Carvalho scored 10 goals and assisted another eight in the English Premier League

While training with English club Balham in 2013, the club’s founder and director Greg Crotwell did something unusual.

Crotwell has agreed to a young boy’s request who appeared at Clapham Common Park in the south of the British capital London to join the club’s under-11 squad. The boy’s name was Fabio Carvalho, who recently moved to Liverpool after guiding Fulham back to the Premier League.

“I was with another manager and we usually don’t let anyone in without contacting the club first,” Crotwell told BBC Sport.

“We had him take a test and in just 30 seconds you could tell he was very special. I looked at the other coach and we both said, ‘Oh my gosh, what kind of boy is this?’”