Lori Loughlin Is The ‘Last Person’ Full House Co-Star Thought To Go To Jail

Dave Coulier has revealed that Lori Loughlin is not someone he would ever see behind bars.

In an interview with AND! news Coulier said, “If at the beginning of… Full roomwho is the only person who ends up going to jail, Lori was last on the list.”

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Of course, in 2020 Loughlin was sentenced to two months in prison for the… controversial admission scandal

Lori Loughlin and Dave Coulier remain friends, even though Full House closed nearly 30 years ago. (Getty Images for TV Land)

Coulier claims that Loughlin is still one of his best friends, and despite her involvement in the fraud, she is still a “great human being”.

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“Lori is my best friend in life,” he explained. “We make each other laugh really hard, through the hard times and the good times.”

He also hinted that there are parts of the scandal that have been kept out of the headlines.

“There’s a lot of untold stories behind it that I don’t think many people know about,” he said. “We all make mistakes.”

After Loughlin was convicted, he addressed the court in August 2020, telling the judge, “I’ve made a terrible decision.”

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“I agreed to a plan to give my daughters an unfair advantage in the university admissions process, ignoring my intuition and distracting myself from my moral compass.”

Isabella Rose Giannulli, Lori Loughlin and Olivia Jade Giannulli
Lori Loughlin was charged with conspiracy to commit telephone and mail fraud in the wake of the college admissions scandal. (WireImage)

Coulier also spoke about the recent passing of his former co-star Bob Sagetand how bittersweet it was to reunite with the Full room cast at the deceased actor’s funeral.

“While there was a lot of sadness, there was great joy in being able to connect the dots over the years and not miss a beat in terms of our friendships and the love for each other,” he said.

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Coulier plays in new comedy series called live+localthat is about workers at a local Christian radio station.

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