Los Angeles must compensate Inter Miami because of Bill and a strange law!

The American League must be different from others!

It seems that American culture is doing nothing but leaving its mark on the most famous sport in the world, which is far from the well-known American influence in various fields.

According to the website “Sport Paypal”, the Los Angeles club, which recently saw Gareth Bale free from Real Madrid, has to pay compensation to the Inter Miami team, which is owned by Englishman David Beckham, because of the Welshman. †

Why does Los Angeles pay Beckham’s team?

It’s true that Bale was a freestyle player, but under MLS rules, any team can put any player in the world on a very special interest list.

This list has the maximum number of players of seven, and no team has the right to sign with this player, except before compensation is paid to the club that has expressed an interest in him.

How much does Los Angeles pay for Inter Miami?

According to what the site has confirmed, the value of the compensation will be closer to around 36,000 euros, which is a modest value given the huge salary that Bell will receive.

Bale gets about one million and 300 thousand euros per season at Los Angeles, and his salary is not in the first category in the American League.

It’s worth noting that a list of the top ten highest-paid players in the American League had been released in the past few hours, and Bill was not included.