Lots of exercise doesn’t compensate for the harmful effects of a poor diet

A study found that higher levels of physical activity do not counteract the harmful effects of a poor diet on the risk of death.

The study found that individuals with high physical activity levels and a high-quality diet had the lowest mortality risk.

The study looked at the independent and combined effects of diet and exercise on cancer, cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality, using a sample of 360,600 individuals from the UK Biobank, a large-scale cohort study that includes participants’ health, behavioral – and biological information.

High-quality diets include a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, 2 servings of fish per week, and reduced consumption of red meat, especially processed meat.

In individuals with high levels of physical activity and a high-quality diet, the risk of death was reduced by 27% from selected cancers, 19% from cardiovascular disease, and 17% from all causes, compared to individuals who were physically overweight . inactive with the worst diet.

According to the researchers, regular exercise and a healthy diet play an important role in promoting longevity and health. Some people may think they can offset the harmful effects of a poor diet with increased exercise or offset the effects of low physical activity with a high-quality diet, but the data clearly shows this is not the case.

Sticking to both a quality diet and adequate exercise is important for the optimal reduction of mortality risk from cancer, cardiovascular disease, and all causes.

A few studies have previously shown that high-intensity exercise can help counteract adverse physiological responses to overeating.

However, the long-term effect on how physical activity and diet interact has not been extensively studied. These research results validate the importance of both a high-quality diet and physical activity in cause-specific and all-cause mortality.

The study confirms the importance of both good nutrition and physical activity in achieving maximum reduction in the risk of death.

Diet vs Exercise Infographic

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