LS3-powered MARC GT spotted, body attached

The new ‘MARC GT’ has been spotted

The new-generation General Motors LS3-powered MARC GT vehicle has been spotted, and the body has been confirmed as Mercedes C63-inspired.

MARC Cars Australia’s successor to the Mustang-inspired MARC II will be powered by the GM LS3 instead of the 5.0-litre Coyote from the previous two generations.

The latest specification car features a Mercedes C63-inspired front and rear, while the cockpit, or ‘spider’ as it is also known, is that of the previous generation car. secured an image of the new MARC GT and revealed the LS3 engine mounted, but most of the panels were missing when photographed.

MARC Cars Australia owner Geoff Taunton confirmed to that the car is inspired by the latest C63 model Mercedes, and the prototype of the new MARC GT is in its final stages.

Testing is set to begin in August when the car is expected to be released, although production of customer samples will not take place until the testing program is complete.

Taunton explains that the production process will take approximately four weeks and that six pre-sales have already been confirmed.

The first three will be delivered before Christmas, all according to plan, and the second batch will be delivered in early 2023.

It is clear that MARC Cars Australia is considering running its own racing series in 2023, in which all three generations of the company’s vehicles can compete.

Aside from the LS3 engine and Mercedes-inspired body, the new MARC GT is not far from its predecessor.

According to Taunton, the wheelbase is the same as the MARC II, with the center of gravity also corresponding to that of the previous generation.

As already reported, the Holinger transmission and paddle shift will continue to exist, as will the Brembo brake package and modular upright system from PACE Innovations.

A digital representation of the front of the MARC GT

A digital representation of the rear of the MARC GT