‘Madam. Marvel’s Finale Recap: Ending, Post-Credits and That M Word Explained


The sixth and final episode of Mrs. Marvel dropped on Disney Plus on Wednesday, bringing Kamala Khan’s first adventure (and the seventh Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show) to a close, with a surprising new twist on its comic book origins and the usual post-credits surprise. The final overtakes Kamala (Iman Velani) after last week’s emotional journey to the past and her mother (Zenobia Shroff) who accepts that her daughter has superpowers.

The underutilized villain and clandestine leader Najma (Nimra Bucha) sacrificed herself to close Noor’s veil and cut off the perilous gate to her home dimension. She had abandoned and abandoned her son Kamran (Rish Shah), but in her last moments she surrendered her powers to him.

Back home in Jersey City, Kamran takes refuge with Kamala’s super-smart best friend Bruno Carrelli (Matt Lintz). Their heart-to-heart is interrupted by a drone sent by the Department of Damage Control, which hunts down those with powers. Kamran destroys it with his powers, but the Circle Q supermarket is blown up in the process.

Let’s use our cosmic SPOILER powers and dive into the finale. This show is set in the period after Avengers: Endgame and part of Phase 4 of the MCU.


Mutant Detected

While Tamran has escaped to Karachi, Pakistan, and is under the care of the Red Daggers, Bruno tells Kamala that he’s taken another look at her genetic makeup. It turns out she’s not like the rest of her family.

“There’s something else in your genes,” he says. “Like a mutation.”

Kamala Khan smiles and extends her hand to Ms. Marvel

Kamala is more interested in a ride than labels, and she’s probably right.

Marvel Studios

We get a little hint of the 90’s X-Men animated series theme as Kamala handles it, but she dismisses it as “another label” even if real fans’ minds explode. Marvel has been tease the arrival of the mutated super team for a while, but Kamala appears to be the first confirmed mutant to appear in the main MCU.

This is a twist on the origins of her comic book, in which her abilities are the result of status as an Inhuman (a genetic offshoot of humanity that gains powers when exposed to Terrigen Mist). They are quite similar to Marvel’s mutants, who manifest powers when the X-Gene in their DNA is activated.

Before Marvel owner Disney got the movie rights to the X-Men back when it acquired 21st Century Fox (and the X-Men movie rights) in 2019, mutants couldn’t be used in the MCU. It looked like Marvel was trying to elevate the Inhumans as a replacement. Unfortunately, the TV show Inhumans was bad — it’s on Disney Plus, don’t waste your time looking at it — and that idea faded.

Since the Fox acquisition, X-Men fans have been anticipating the arrival of a mutated superteam in the MCU. So far, Quicksilver from the X-Men movies appeared in WandaVision (this one turned out to be a joke) and Professor X appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (he was in a separate universe form the main MCU).

The X-Men are coming to Disney Plus in next year’s revival of the 90s animated series, but it would be very messy to retroactively set this in the MCU. It will probably take place in a parallel reality. We were able to hear more about the MCU future of mutants during Marvel’s San Diego Comic panel on Saturday, July 23.

become her idol

Kamala’s Avengers fandom is an important element of her character, with a particular fondness for Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (Brie Larson). The character doesn’t show up to offer Kamala any guidance or words of wisdom, but the post-credits series nods to an early Ms. Marvel Comics Accident.

Kamala flops onto her bed and her mom offers one of those hearty mom reminders to do her science homework. Her bracelet starts to shine before smashing into her closet door (which has a Captain Marvel poster on it).

Kamala Khan looks shocked after turning into Carol Danvers in Ms.  marvel

Science homework may have to wait.

Marvel Studios

She gets up to seemingly discover she’s turned into Carol, gives us a brief cameo from Larson, and looks around at the many, many pieces of Captain Marvel art on her walls. It’s also possible that Carol switched places with Kamala – both scenarios would refer to the comics.

“Oooh, no no no no…” she says, before getting out of the shot.

Our last meeting with Carol came in scene after credits from last year Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringswhen she was one of the heroes trying to figure out the origin of the mysterious rings — Kamala’s bracelet has similar vibes. We’ll find out what’s the deal with Carol and Kamala in The Marvels, that is in cinemas from 28 July 2023.

Captain Marvel flies through the sky as Ms.  Marvel holding her waist on the cover of Ms.  marvel 17

The collaboration of Kamala’s dreams happened in the comics years ago.

Marvel Comics

In that film, they team up with Monica Rambeau, a former government agent who won ability to absorb energy in WandaVision. We last saw her being recruited for a space adventure by a Skrull employed by superspy Nick Fury.

In the comics, Kamala unknowingly took on the look of Carol when her polymorphic abilities first manifested, as she idolized the iconic hero, seeing her as more fitting the traditional superhero form than a Pakistani-American. As Kamala gained more control over her abilities, she realized she needed to mirror Carol’s actions rather than her appearance, and she stuck to her own appearance to create her superhero identity.

However, the original, pre-Carol comics Captain Marvel lived in the Negative Zone (a parallel universe) and changed places with a human named Rick Jones when he had to do heroism on Earth. Jones made the switch by smashing a pair of nega bands (fancy alien bracelets) against each other. Given Kamala’s use of a bracelet in the MCU, it’s possible she and Carol have a similar link.

The first Ms. Marvel Captain Marvel team came in Mrs. Marvel #17. They worked together as Jersey City and New York City fell into chaos as another universe collided with their own — a situation that seems likely to be reflected in the MCU.

high school jokes

Damage Control conducts a deeply disturbing search for Jersey City’s Muslim Masjid mosque in its hunt from Kamran, alluding to the treatment of Muslims in the US in the wake of 9/11. After this, much of the episode is spent defending him from cops when he, Kamala, and Bruno hide in Coles Academic High School. Kamala’s other best friend Nakia Bahadir, rival friend Zoe Zimmer and brother Aamir (Yasmeen Fletcher, Laurel Marsden and Saagar Shaikh) also come to help. It’s a bit of a chore to get them all to show up, but whatever.

They distract and confuse the agents in a series seemingly inspired by the late ’80s teen movies by the late John Hughes, but Kamran’s use of his newfound abilities seems to be getting more and more dangerous — there’s a sense that helping him might be a bad idea.

Kamala Khan covered in purple light armor with giant fists in Mrs. Marvel

Sometimes you just have to embed.

Marvel Studios

However, Kamala is determined to protect him and uses her powers to manipulate energy to create an awe-inspiring crystalline armor that protects and magnifies her as she battles the government agents. This was inspired by the powers of X-Men member Armor, who can generate a psionic exoskeleton to cover her body, Iman Vellani confirmed in a Reddit AMA.

“Embig!” she says before arming herself, using her catchphrase from the comics.

It’s enough to help her defeat the agents until Kamran can escape and DODC agent Deever (Alysia Reiner) is finally caught for disobeying orders.

Easter eggs, lingering questions and comments

  • The title of this episode, No Normal, is shared with the first collected edition of Kamala’s solo comic series.
  • Kamala’s costume looks great in live action. Did her mother make it or had it made?
  • I’d also like to know if Kamala needs to recharge her powers — it doesn’t seem like it.
  • “She looked so… familiar,” G. Willow Wilsonthe writer who relaunched Kamala’s first solo comic in 2014 is among those expressing support for the new hero in the montage on social media.
  • Having Carol come over and tell Kamala she was doing a good job would have been the obvious way to work in a cameo, but the scene with her dad on the roof largely served that purpose.

That’s all for Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus, but the next MCU show to hit the streaming service is She-Hulk on August 17. Thor: Love and Thunder is now in cinemas, with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever due on November 11.