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Kenya Moore, Marlo Hampton

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After Tyrone broke Sheree Whitfield‘s heart in last week’s episode of The real housewives of Atlanta, Marlo Hampton did what she could to make her boyfriend feel better. On the June 12 episode, Marlo sent a car to Sheree and treated her to a special evening at her house. Marlo had a private seller of Fendi in her home, and the seller gave Sheree an intimate shopping experience. Marlo also had a cake because she knows Sheree has a sweet tooth, and then she ended the evening with a foot massage from a private masseuse. Marlo also told Sheree to block Tyrone’s number because she earns better than a man who strands her alone in “dirty” Philadelphia.

Kenya Moore was going to be at this little party for Sheree too, but at the last minute she called Marlo and said she couldn’t come because she wasn’t feeling well. Marlo thought it odd that Kenya was “in full glamor” when she wasn’t feeling well, but she was too busy getting her house ready for Sheree to question Kenya’s behavior. That actually came later in the episode, when the ladies met at a dinner party hosted by Sanya Richards Ross

Sanya wanted to cook a Jamaican dinner for everyone so they could learn more about her culture, and although it was only one day after Marlo’s meeting with Sheree, when Kenya claimed she was ill, Kenya was there. She claimed she wasn’t feeling well the night of Sheree’s thing, so a doctor told her to get a COVID test, and since the results have been negative since then, she felt okay going to Sanya’s event. But that wasn’t good enough for Marlo and Sheree – they felt betrayed by Kenya.

Sheree was also upset about the fact that: candi burruss never called her to ask if she was okay after her confusion with Tyrone. So Marlo and Sheree were mad at both Kenya and Kandi. So much so that they stormed out at Sanya’s event to talk nonsense about them. Marlo said Kandi was once a “ho” who slept with men “for free”. She also claimed that Kenya, who often brags about being “Miss USA”, was also a “ho” who tried to hang out with rappers, but they only rejected her. Sheree said these are “facts” as she listened to Marlo’s lengthy diatribe about the women.

Meanwhile, Sanya and Drew Sidora are still dealing with their recent feud, so when Drew came to Sanya’s dinner last minute, it was super awkward. We’ll just have to wait until next week to see how it all plays out.

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