Marvel’s Avengers drops another Mighty Thor screen and free MCU name tag

Crystal Dynamics is slowly trickling out new screenshots and details about Mighty Thor ahead of its June 28 release. The studio is also celebrating the release of Disney+’s Mrs. Marvel show featuring a range of cosmetics inspired by the series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today marked a merger of both initiatives as the developer revealed another screenshot of Jane Foster in action and reminded players of another free Mrs. Marvel nameplate that came out on June 23.

The game’s official Twitter account showed the above photo of Foster knocking Mjölnir to the ground. This goes along with her other (heavily edited) action shots the team has taken before, like the one at the very top of the article. Crystal Dynamics still hasn’t released a video of Mighty Thor, but it will come during the War Table stream on June 27.

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The studio also took the time to remind players of the Mrs. Marvel nameplate that released it for free on June 23. Players only have until June 30 to get the nameplate from the game market. Crystal Dynamics has given away a Mrs. Marvel nameplate weekly since June 8, a pattern that will continue until July 21. This means there are still a few to go, and they will be ending eight days after the show’s first season finale. It also sold the MCU version of Mrs. Marvel’s in-game costume.

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